How To Play The Pokemon Trading Card Game

Here is our video talking about how to play the Pokemon trading card game

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glosterdog says:

Do you pick a card off your pile at the start of each turn?

Master Adrian 14 says:

Stop talking

Taylor Hale says:

who goes first???? and can you play with 3 people

Jefferson Cai says:

I will scarb i will like the pokemon cards im from lapu lapu cite

Dragon Dimples says:

do u know how we play it? we play it like jerks we will play it with no energys there like zubat use tackle with no energy well by the way how many times can u use the spirit link?

Future Dreamers says:

curio quest’

Simon Berry says:

so good

De'vonte Payton says:

I know how to play yu-gi-oh

ers 267 says:

I was your 10000 sub!!!

Fei says:

Thanks for teaching me

arwen Buagas says:

i have a mega charizard y

Malikai Magee says:

sorry guys about the recent comment you really helped me a lot with the special conditions check out my chanell the gengar gang and commet so i know you seen it i only have one vid and will not be making more and sorry about the loud background music also check out mimikyu korey he is awesome

Eastyn gaming Gair says:

Your intro retatarted

Erin Pfaff says:

Stop talking and get to the point

Youngf123 says:

Add the video to this video

Hlau Yaj says:

I just want to scream “Shut up and just have one person explain the fricken rules!”

Desiree Govender says:

I love your videos

Luna Love says:


Seria Darden says:

stop talking and get on with it and I think this video is boring

antonio orellana says:

It was nice thx

Angie McIntosh says:

Who are these talking hands??

RV Daniel says:

i have a100 of pokemon cards

Pulami Kumar says:

Please tell me were is this card found to buy

The Zane Boys says:

Who’s watching this in 2017

EZ Rider says:

Not helpfull u just blubble

Typod360 says:

“that’ll damage the cards”, she says as she grinds unsleeved cards together and beats them on the table.

King Pikachu says:

I dont know

Shama Aseef says:

You two guys you are talking so much

Carmelo Spider says:

this is 2017 boiiiiiiiiii

MR V.I.P says:

I’ve got over 500 cards

ramza813 says:

Holy fuck when does it start? Stop babbling you assholes

Alonzo Eapinoza says:

Wtf r u saying we still dont no how to play lol

Chaminda Rajapaksa says:

For God sake stop jabbering and get on with it. The most annoying video I have watched on YouTube

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