ICE COLD JACK | Pokémon Trading Card Game #25 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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SolarFlair says:

Not as good as Zap- are you KIDDING? Zapdos is a dumbass random murder machine- random including YOUR OWN BENCH. Articuno is weaker but definitely hits the opponent. For the most standard unit HP. Most things will die to one or two hits from it.

Jonathan Legassie says:

8:00 Yesssssssssss

ToxicDeity says:

After you started this series I decided to dust off my old Gameboy and play it again from the start. Great game, great play through, thanks for the videos and inspiration! Can’t wait to see you play the second one. I might have to find a fan translation as well and play that one with you too!

Winged Mirage says:

Can we say that, fit all of Scyther’s reputation, it’s Pinsir who has really stood out most of these matches?

Also, Jack scooping up Articuno only to Prof Oak it away is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen the AI do XD

Lacaras21 says:

Wow Jack barely put up a fight. In my experience he’s usually pretty obnoxious with using scoop up and legendary articuno to keep paralyzing you, but even then he isn’t tough.

animefan3794 says:

“Thunder Mountain”
So Disney’s reach extends to the Pokémon Card Game then.

Exemplar Kyle says:

“Legendary Articuno Deck”
-Discards Articuno with Professor Oak

Matheus Farias says:

Jared is aoo fucking lucky, i love you

Stupid Google says:

Eh Rod sucks, don’t be spooked.

TotallyCluelessGamer says:

I’m actually kind of sad this series is almost over, Jared’s enthusiasm for this game has given me the mid-day perk up to get through a couple weeks of real bull-scheduling at work.

Ava Loughran says:

So… Projared also got me buying some Pokemon booster packs

LuckyOwl says:

I started collecting lately myself, specifically FROM Lost Thunder… Mostly in effort to get Zeraora… Because I like lightning cats.

… Oddly, my luck is with OTHER cards. Mimikyu GX and Sceptile GX… Sceptile IS my favorite Gen 3 ‘mon, so there we go, I guess?

Nick Tauro says:

“I have so many bills”. Boy an’t that the sad truth…

MetalSmasherGaming says:

7:55 – Ask and you shall receive!

Jackie Mason says:

i love how much jared loves bug pokemon, the reaction to that scyther card was gr8 😀

Karsten Stump says:

I cant wait to see the final duel. Great series Jared.

mindisfrozen says:

Congrats on getting a Pikablu card in your booster!

Nickster891 says:

* hears the part about heart of the cards * that’s not actually that impressive they build it up as some big deus ex machina but all heart of the cards really is is believing in your deck

darkmage07070777 says:

6:45 – Wow, Articuno’s abilities really left Jared out in the cold!

James Frank says:

In before Jared unlocks the darkworld. >.>

Otacon464 says:

This was the third LP I watched on this channel, which should I binge next?

Garrin says:

yes! More pokemon cards to open!

Dr. Forrester says:

I’ve been playing this again on the 3DS after watching this series, and I had a fucking epic duel against Jack that ended up being the hardest Grand Master fight on the way to beating the game. Jack had two Articunos out against my Grass/Electric (Bioshock) deck, and right after going down one prize to two I drew a base set Magneton and cleaned house. It’s been so fun watching you play this game dude. I’m looking forward to the sequel

Cerbius25 says:

I seriously love Ms. Editor- I was objecting about the prof oak play when it came to Articunio, and as I was talking to my screen, SHE CHIMED IN.
Bless u Ms Editor <3

Faxanadu says:

When even Miss Editor is freaked out…you know you fucked up

Golden Challanger says:

10:09 Bill nye the science guy theme song going through my head.

g40rc378 says:

Jack definitely has some Grey Poupon.

Metty says:

“Stadium cards are new” So when do we break it to him that stadium cards have been around since 1998 in Japan and 2000 outside of Japan?

Barbabun says:

Ahaha how excited you get for Scyther <3

Brandon Crosby says:

Jared, are there any games you want so you could play them on your channel?

Gmrabin says:

I always use persian when I play. Alolan persian was on my team the entire playthrough of Moon!

AtmaDragoon says:

10:21 – Too real. =_=;

Doom of the Destiny says:

I love larvatar and tyranitar line, glad you got 2/3rds of it lol. Gentleman was always the hardest for me to beat in this game. Coin flips out the ying yang… nice to see some good flip exchange against him.

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