IMAKUNI?? | Pokémon Trading Card Game #18 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Melwon von Esel says:

I’m a little mad that you won because at the end you didn’t deserve it anymore in my opionion xD .. But I can see why you couldn’t see lethal, happens to all of us

the5destroyer says:

That was the most Painful Murray Fight I have ever witnessed. Pikachu Spark could have clinched it, but No. You wanted to be a Curse user.

HIYGamer says:

I’ve been waiting for you to encounter Imakuni?

Brian T. says:

You almost played yourself LOL

warpbait2 says:

everyone in the comments giving Jared shit for making the game go on for one more turn lol, mistakes happen he still won.

Izzy Alexanderish says:

23:57 it says RANGAR. WHAT IS THAT BUG. cannot unsee.

Jolly Rogers says:

Did anybody notice that he had a ‘rengar’ for a moment right before he computer searched? That’s a ghost type in the machine spooky shaz right there

garcon45 says:

18 episodes in and Jared still hasn’t read the text on Gambler. XD

Also, the final Fighting club member you need to find is a woman. That threw me too, considering the other two looked the same, so I spent about an hour running around looking for them.

kenneth walsh says:

Fuck mr. Mime

klop422 says:

8:57 Sorry Imakuni, he got the whole thing on video

spo97 says:

maybe the real legendary cards were the friends we made along the way

AndresLionheart says:

Wow was that dumb… I bet he felt really stupid when he looked back at this and realized he could have won the turn prior by just killing off that Mr. Mime with Pikachu, since the AI was extremelly stupid and didn’t want to move damage counters to his Alakazam

Jonas mew says:


Tuxedo Crab says:

It’s like watching a car crash

Nubbybub says:

this episode hurt to watch

Hunter McCaskill says:

“…What was I doing?”
The true terror of Imakuni

Marcelo Alencar says:

I prefer longer videos like this

Charles Ferreira says:

I wouldn’t mind at all a ~50 min long video, but after that second to last move… Oh boy that was frustrating!

DarkSteel says:

there is no way you are this stupid… no fucking way. You should not have won that game.

Asia Koch says:

god damn i love this series so good i was so stressed out im out of breath go jared

Trecker says:

I was really hoping you would get a second gengar, then move two damage to kill the mr mime…
EDIT: nm, you figured it out later. :p

garcon45 says:

Alright, I don’t usually jump on the hate bandwagon, but that entire last sequence was really stupid on your part. XD

Deemosabi says:

Poor Jared but also you’re being silly Jared. Gotta love a long episode and I still hope they bring pokemon TCG to switch either this game or make a new one

countvonKrolock says:

A lot of fun being had watching this series!

Andrew Coulombe says:

23:56 …RANGAR?

Matt Sheppeck says:

You should have lost, damn. Sometimes the better trainer gets unlucky (Murray)

Amgarrak says:

Imakuni used Confuse Ray!
Jared became confused.

Jacob Hook says:

50 minute video? I forsee a ride on the struggle bus coming up.

funbot2 says:


Just why i never get enough of jared nerd-sound xD

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