Incineroar GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays a Incineroar GX / Magcargo deck on Pokémon Trading Card Game Online in this Gameplay video. Think this deck is real or meme status? Let me know!

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Doppelpunkture says:

When he forgets ground doesn’t affect flying.

Number Six says:

Alolan Sandslash (the draw one) instead of Zoroark-GX with Magcargo. Thoughts? I’m sure that’s dumb, I’m just curious why.

Nadav sc says:

You should make a meme deck Monday series (the title is a work in progress) XD

MaleficSheep says:

Do you guys think there is a legit way to make Sceptile work?

Jacob Schlinkert says:

speaking of blaines last stand, where is my tricky gym official blaine playmat!? xD

Slotholopolis To you says:

Some potential there, I personally prefer the Blaziken/Marowak/Macargo/Oranguru synergy

Cody James says:

Andrew,Please make a Guzzlord GX deck, In Mine I run 4 Guzzlord GX, 12 Supporters 4 Nest Balls 40 Darkness Energy.

Alex McCorkindale says:

I’d love to see a Ho oh deck in this format

Liz Matthews says:


j 1 says:


Pokémon Trainer Devin says:

What happened with deriums?

Adam says:

I saw someone play this deck the other day an it destroyed my damage spread deck. Honestly I was very surprised but I guess it is decent.

LegendaryCarrot says:

Should have background music to cancel the static from the room you’re in

A D V G Y M says:

From The Meme to The Dream!

Jamesta James says:

You realize that your tournament tickets are a real life dollar each on the website right? That means that you have $679 dollars worth of tickets that you’re just sitting on! I can’t even! Lol

Ryan Miller says:

Completely unrelated to this video, but which did you find more important in your shrining arceus deck, the choice bands or escape ropes?

Juha-Matti Santala says:

No way to draw (like Oranguru) or to get draw supporters (like Lele) makes this deck brick so easily. Otherwise a very nice concept.

NicKVenTs says:

Why isn’t field blower used anymore

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone full grip games is busted.

x5xruud says:

You can easily transfer your deck list from the game to a pastebin. Just a tip.

Lukas Penner says:

Can do some battle’s with goomy!!

AsapDanRoll says:

Mahone be honest… Can you even tre flip?

Best0fbart 15 says:

Apparently this won a cup. The list needs some work, but it sounds like fun to try out.

Beaverbi says:

so whats your main source of income

jeff marin says:

I cringed when you ultra balled away your Guzmas. You should’ve used them to take out the trubbish.

That pop culture kid says:

I find the celestial storm fire oricorio is decent as well

Ian Universe says:

Finally, I’ve been the only person playing this since sun and moon base.

Sexybathsalts says:

Really want to play you skate !

Kiryoku Gaming says:

Lol I love that place

That pop culture kid says:

Nice it is the basement jelly

Riley Hulbert says:

#dummydenkus does another dum dum :/

ForTheWinTCG says:

Loving this new change man! Looking forward to the future of this channel.

Aparajithan NV says:

You have a cute apartment

Wilson Xie says:

why not put in like one turtonator gx

Yarden Segal says:

I can get behind incineroar, no blaziken but close enough

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Way to lessen the stress Andrew. Put some more skate time in there and you’ll be all set !

Cristian's Competitive Pokemon says:

You never wanna overwork yourself, glad to hear you’re able to do youtube and finish graduate school

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