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Brandon Fuller says:

5.1 k veiws so people are concerned. But if your in it for life just have a kid and say their his hahaha


thanks for sticking to it your my favorite tcg youtuber keep it up

Jed Rivera says:

Most adult have played this game when they where younger it’s the root of their childhood so I would think they could recommend playing pokemon with their children

Coheed 616 says:

It will pick back up when Detective Pikachu comes out

MTGDog says:

It’s not *dying*. But the craze has died down.

The reasons why it blew up in popularity a couple years ago was because Pokemon Go brought in the nostalgic people, and at the same time, MTG was plummeting in popularity, which brought many MTG players over to Pokemon.

Now that the Pokemon Go bubble has worn off and MTG is coming back with a vengeance, Pokemon TCG is returning to pre-2016 levels of popularity.

EwanTroion¡ says:

I haven’t done Pokémon TCG for a while now, the last set I really got was Crimson Invasion. Occasionally I will buy a pack of cards from EB Games and what not just because of nostalgia and the feeling as a young kid when I pulled a ‘shiny card’ (Holo, EX, etc) I still have 2 full albums of Pokémon Cards that I flip through just cause and my TCGO account is loaded with good cards as me and my cousin used to get 2 booster boxes of each set and I got all the codes, but I’m in high school now and I’ve got things to do (homework) and most of my year is spent at school
I’ll never forget the great times and memories Pokemon gave me, my start unknowingly purchasing fake cards, all the way to discovering a toy world store at a local shopping centre was selling Guardians Rising 4 days early and getting a hyper rare lele out of 5 packs, my time with Pokémon will be something to cherish

Thankyou, Pokèmon

Joey Hart says:

people want to play a competitve game most of the time, taking ohkos, or prize racing. the control decks/zoroark variants that are out of control ruin that for the format/ meta. people are also pissed about the lack of ban list. zoroark needs to be banned in expanded. there should be a more healthy meta, and there should not be decks like the deck kica created with unown damage. and there should not be decks like zoro/red card/peeking/delinquent. that is not a card game, that is literally not letting your opponent play

Kenny Enderley says:

the meta is trash

Kyle Robert says:

pokemon is power creeping pretty hard right now

CurbDog/Bugcatcher 50k:EXP says:

my fav format was when Darkrai and keldy/Blastoise were around. and my fave deck ever that I used was magnezone/pikaex promo(the one that blew it’s load 50x for each lightning energy.) I did very well with that deck.
been playing since 2010. I’m kinda struggling in the standard meta now. malamar variants are my fave right now and I can do well with them. it seems to be heading towards big basics again. we had fun with stage twos there for a bit but hard hitting fast basics will always reign when the have a solid ability they can abuse.

Agus Wibowo says:

back online on PTCGO since 2015… no major update.. ~ *dissapointed.

KTVX.94 says:

2004 might have to do with FR/LG comming out, when old and new fans gathered. There was possibly less competition from other media (for instance Hearhstone exists now)

Patrick Hand says:

Doesn’t this typically happen in the lull between sets? Things get stale and once new stuff drops people come back.


this is so sad, can we get a f in the chat?

FEknuckle says:

1. Zoroark GX
2. Zoroark GX
3. Zoroark GX
4. Zoroark GX

Jason Yanes says:

I fell out of Pokemon TCG after the X&Y era, I just loved the Mega EX mechanic and I was discouraged that I had to let it go after rotation in favor of GX (the graph shows), I know there’s still expanded but none of the card shops (including Pokemon Gym) I’ve gone to rlly encourage it like theyll have only 1 expanded tournament a month. Standard is gud for the newer players but inevitably I feel like most ppl will drop it cause it just becomes an endless cycle where your deck wont even be legal after another yr and all the $ you spent on it sinks in price, so I don’t think it’s the best for veterans and I feel like there has to be a balance for both, for example MTG have several formats that are all encouraged and cater towards every group (especially including their older/veteran players) with their standard still doing gud

fuzz8520 H says:

It’s over, it’s all over

Healtek TCG says:

Sadly the format is straight garbage rn

Gengar Phantom says:

One reason: the game is broken, we need a ban list like in yugioh ASAP

K says:

Been playing for a while and I’m on and then off. It’s just I can’t get any good cards to keep up with the meta like I got some good EX’s then GX’s came out and now I’m fucked cause the good ones are expensive and well I just don’t have the time to grind the game all day everyday for a deck for it to become outdated very quickly

Nick Teves says:

I haven’t quit I’m basically behind because everything is so expensive now and with booster boxes not having higher pull rates while sets are getting bigger and having so many different versions of one card it’s absolutely ridiculous imo. I like to collect and play but if I can’t even pull/get what I need to play while buying booster boxes to collect then it’s just more money. Plus the amount of product they release is hard to financially keep up with.
The TCG is so money hungry. Most of my friends have completely stopped because of money. When you gotta spend a ridiculous amount of money of a few copies of one card just to be competitive enough to play a deck you really wanna play sucks ass.

Lots of other issues but that’s like the main issue. Also doesn’t help the only place I can play competitively is a shop full of scammers and cheaters who are extremely rude and take advantage of kids and parents who lack knowledge about the game.

Cristian Carrasco says:

In my local shop there are less and less players. I personally, play it online, but I get bored SO FAST. I think its because Pokemon its too expensive, they release new editions too fast and there is no incentive to play (like Dragon Ball Super where you can get awesome gifts).

Also, personally hate to lose because bad first hands. I know it happens in every tcg but at least in DBS you can change your hand, which its great!

Shinx7009 says:

I stopped playing the online because you can’t talk anymore.

Toxiicxducky831 says:

The game is dying because all the cheating plain and simple. You have all these wanna be bandit Keith’s that could not make it in yugioh coming over into Pokemon because they now have cash prizing and its more of a kids game so alot of people cheat there way threw there games. Take jeff for example. Cheated his way into 2nd place at worlds and lost to another well known cheater. 4 of the top 10 cp players currently for 2019 are well known cheaters and some have been dealt with but im sure there are plenty more. This game will either be ruined and become an mainly online only game to prevent cheating or will just die off or go back to no cash prizing.

Darkpoision64 says:

i think the format is going towards wailord stall again…with surge coming out soon. Not really liking the new tag team cards either. I think 2016 there was a spike not for pokemon go but for a new generation of sun and moon just came out in november and were looking to the new format of gxs.

nba live mobile dz says:


Proxygate says:

I am a TCG Player since the beginning. Playing Pokemon since like 5th Grade. When I used to play, it was in the neighborhood with just the kids around my place. To me at that time it felt like the whole world was playing. Pretty much all kids I knew outside of school. It started picking up and kids at school started playing, eventually it died down a bit, a couple years later I was a bit curious about where the game was at and I got back into it (Non Competitively). There were comic shops that held Pokemon days as well as leagues and tourneys. Eventually life priorities came up and left Pokemon again, after having my own kids, I decided to get them each a starter deck and couple packs. To get them into playing and reading/math practices. They were immediately hooked, I got some cards again, my immediate family that played when we were younger and now everyone again was playing (that I was involved with). I think a game like this with now 2nd and some 3rd Generation of kids that have been playing Pokemon TCG/Anime/Video Games will be very difficult to die out. Yes, maybe the competitive scene is a bit slow and all your current friends might be leaving for now. But I think no matter how much time you take off, if you decide to come back, there will always be die hard fans that just love Playing , love Pokemon, love tcg, or just love having a place (comic shop, card shop, etc..) that they fit in and can make friends that have common interest. At least to me with my experience in the TCG will never die out.

MrBufonerto says:

Pokémon need to do a tcg app, i’m not playing cus my lap die also my iPad. I will play until i repair my lap. But if Pokémon make an app for the phone people will play tcg more

League Underground says:

BULLSHIT! PKMN TCG is alive and well dude…

Brandon Santizo-Johnson says:

Its not dead its just finally bad players are quitting that’s the only problem

PJ Sison says:

Shame on you Dennis for spreading fake news. lol. Expanded players came out in full force at Dallas regionals. That’s gotta be something, right? Guys? Hello? Am I playing this two-player game by myself? xD

R says:

It moves in cycles – I play most TCG’s – whenever there is a junk/bad format, people rotate to the next game. Right now MTG is hot, and next is Yugioh, then it will go back to Pokemon.

Leon Stuart says:

Why is it dying? Decks like lost March and custom deck building is virtually dead and tag team gx will be the deathnail

Trainer Tea says:

I went to my local Pokemon League from 1999-2002. Yugioh came out of nowhere and one day when I showed up at league, literally nobody else had brought any Pokemon cards or deck except for me.

There is at least online option now. So regardless of local interest, anyone with interest can still find people to play with, and a community to connect with. I picked up the game again around the release of Black and White when I found out about PTCGO, sadly I don’t have the money to keep up with even buying codes. I love the game, it’s an itch that I have to scratch every few years and so I’ll make a new account and play with the little theme decks they give you for free.

Joshua Reydel Motlog says:

I’m not quitting. It’s our midterms examination and I need to study first lol

Abe Romoa says:

Well, one thing I sure don’t like about recent trends with the TCG is set sizes and saturation of sealed product.
In my opinion: either Japan needs to stop releasing a bunch of mini-sets or the rest of the world needs to start releasing those mini-sets… but not in the Shining Legends and similar format. Releasing an overload of products to the point where it was needed to cancel one of those (Genesect-VirizionEX battle arena decks).

Also, overprinting sets. Gotta love every single product having an Evolutions pack on it… Because that pack has some of the best secret rares ever that count for the “holo or better” ratio of sealed product.

Finally, theme decks. While they’ve been improving for a while now, regarding supporters and competitive cards, they’re still pretty underwhelming, specially compared to decks that are released in Japan that feature a GX and include a bunch of competitive staple cards.

Just a silly whish of TPCi thinking of us as players rather than just cash cows…

Nolan Cuckensmith says:

My reason for leaving the card game is just because of the tag team cards now i’m still going to collect cards but as soon as pikachu and zekrom got revealed my league was full of outrage and concern of how good the tag teams were going to be and i remember saying to myself that as soon as team up came out, but i’ve stopped playing since lost thunder came out, now i am not used to good pulls and have never had great pulls but out of at least 2 booster boxes worth of packs i’ve got nothing, yes i am aware i could buy or trade for the cards but a part of me just likes to feel satisfied. And i know I’ve side tracked a bit but ive been taking a look at all the tag teams and they are all great cards, but the problem is that i would need to buy more of these more expensive cards to keep up with a meta game that i just don’t see my self liking because all the old decks will get heavily outclassed. Also my local shop had lots of good consistently showing up players since burning shadows, but none of them are there now so theres no point in going to league seeing as you can just buy the league promos online now.

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