Is This Game HARD?? | Pokémon Trading Card Game #1 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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newtypechris says:

Anyone who enjoyed this game should look for an English romance of it’s sequel from Japan only:
“The invasion of great rocket!” or “GR Dan Sanjou!”

Pesterball says:


GregTheLion says:

Yo this game is dope. If you can get either Blastoise or Nidoking, you’re all set.

St4rDustSpirit says:

I could watch this over and over all day until a new episode comes out.

The- potato-warrior says:

This game is sick. Loved everything about it

Jules says:

This game was one of my favorites as a kid. It’s so fun to see people play it. I’m going to end up having the music stuck in my head again. No regrets.

ZygonCannar says:

Ah. Time to watch another episode of “Jared thinks he is good at games, he swears”

Actual Logic says:

This game is deceptively hard… Ish.

Your starter deck? Sucks. There’s no redeeming it. Go to the club with the best type advantage, fins ONE person you can beat, and just get some fucking farm on.

Elio S-B says:

So pokemon was originally a gameboy game and they made a card game based on the gameboy game and then they made a gameboy game based on the card game based on the original gameboy game.

Jacob K says:

controversial opinion: Pokemon where you take multiple cards for defeating them was a terrible idea because the whole game just focuses on them now, and its made it boring and dumb and predictable every freaking time.

Silver Light says:

This is hard
but just wait until the Wigglytuffs and Alakazams happen again

Hakurei Reimu says:

All of the NOSTALGIA!!

Jon Baley says:

Mah childhood. I hope you play it to the end.

AKL says:

I just want to ask Jared
Who’s the Craw Wurm in Pokémon

bobosmith101 says:


Honestly, like most TCG, it’s luck based, but you can definently increase your chances.

GhostZX says:

Played the crap out of this on GBA back in the day, and i still have the cartridge. Also bought it digitally on my 3DS, still playing it to this day 🙂

joshua Medina says:

Oh silly course not it’s not a secret to anybody that this game is hard

Malformed Malice says:

ofuck, unexpected childhood! Thanks jerd

Jonathan Doucet says:

Pleaaasseee make this a series Jared!!!! ❤

Fran Smith says:

I honestly didn’t know this game existed until this year, and dang is it adorable.

Ken Bladehart says:

Oh man, I used to play this game back in the day. Almost beat the Elite Four-or whatever they called
Suck at building decks tho (and probably still to this day). TGC is not my thing sadly

Very interested in what Jared gonna do

Christopher Floyd says:

Please play the English translated sequel after this one please!!!!! You will love it!!!!!

Ifrit says:

Man the hype!
Looking forward to more as I remember a lot of time spent on this!

Zaldbathar says:

loved this game fun video. Now i wanna play this again lol

joshua Medina says:

The elite four of this game may be the most difficult part of any official pokemon game Jack can suck my icicle Courtney can burn in a ring of fire Bill can have lighting strike him AND ROD is actually alright I give him respect for actually fighting like a man and not using gimmicks or stall

Falkuda says:

I have a black GBC cartridge that has the sticker for this game on it, but it’s actually Pokemon Crystal when you start it up.

Rob Fowler says:

i made the deck I use to use when I was a kid. I completely destroyed this game without ever coming close to losing.

Patrick Zagorski says:

The battle songs of this game have been randomly stuck in my head for the better part of two decades since i played it

Mushroom Maple says:

Gosh dang it, the coin is the Pikachu face meme.

Monohtoen says:

Fuckin roasted the current state of the Pokemon TCG.

cptawesome says:

uhhhhhh so i’m pretty excited for this…

0zbangb says:

pikachu meme is the head side of the coin

Hawkeye117 says:

Hey, if you ever hear weird music playing in the Gym lobby and see a strange man in black standing in the corner, duel him. That’s Imakuni?. He gives you some interesting cards if you win.

james goebel says:

Yo plz don’t make a blastois deck it’s just not fun to watch since that’s how I did it and we’ll I wanna see something new

The MechaNick says:

I still have this game. It’s awesome to see you playing it Jared. It’ll get easier the more cards you get.

Also, that meowth was actually printed as a promo card.

Paul Swiers says:

Please beat this game because I never could. I need to see the end of this game vicariously through you.

TazTheYellow says:

A lot of people seem to think that this game is actually hard. It’s pretty RNG-heavy, but it’s not actually hard at all if you know what you’re doing. You don’t even need super-optimized deck strategies, you can play pretty much any deck archetype you want so long as you know who to fight first. For instance, whenever I play this game I instantly gun for the famous Venu-Zard casual strat by taking Charmander and Friends and battling the Grass Club member on the left wall (Kristin) until I get Venusaur.

Before anything else, though, I highly recommend that you take your starter deck and grind Normal Duels with Sam at the Mason Laboratory. He awards you with booster packs filled with nothing Basic Energy cards, which will do wonders for your deck consistency so you don’t lose against the worst NPC deck in the game . . .

Katie Silvernail says:

Oh man, I played the crap out of this game as a kid! I haven’t thought about it in years though. This brings back a lot of memories.

Icarus says:

“I can’t get any energy when I need it” giving us the true card game experience right off the bat. Hoping we get more of this!

RJECT Moto says:

Your editor is one of my favorites on the YT platform.
As for the video/content, I enjoy this and would like to watch more 🙂
Hope you and your crew/friends/family have pleasant holidays.

Noble Einherjar says:

I know playing the tutorial probably wasn’t the funnest thing in the world, but thanks for showing it. I remember loving this game as a kid but I have zero recollection of how it’s played so I appreciated the refresher. Getting back into Pokemon since the release of Let’s Go has been fun.

Edit: Miss Editor’s commentary was great. I feel like that always goes without saying (you two make an incredible team), but it bears repeating.

Jeff Reuther says:

I love this game! I played it a ton as a kid and I still have it!

Shade, the Raven Witch says:

Oooh, this ought to be a fun playthrough to see – played through the entire game twice myself, once back when I had it on the GBC, and once on the 3DS VC. 100% completed both of them (though not fully on the VC one because the absence of Card Pop made getting the last 2 cards impossible >_<). Should be fun to see where you go with this. And yeah, do enjoy the predetermined coin flips and everything XD

Sir Dan says:

This was a fun surprise to see. Been awhile since I played this title. Can’t wait to see more of it and the progress you make.

Andrew Leong says:

Man I havent played this game in yearsssss!! It was really fun back in the day haha

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