Kangaskhan EX Box – One of Every Pokemon TCG Product

Andrew Mahone shows off and opens a Kangaskhan EX box as a pat of the one of every pokemon trading card game product series. What kind of rare legendary Pokemon cards will Andrew find in this unique box? Watch and find out!

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Let Kangaskhan-EX be the Pokémon to help nurture your deck into greatness with the Pokémon TCG: Kangaskhan-EX Box. You’ll get the powerful Kangaskhan-EX as both a playable foil promo card as well as a collectible oversize card. And the Pokémon TCG: Kangaskhan-EX can help your card collection grow with four Pokémon TCG booster packs!


Cythina 109 says:


Gwen Weiskopf says:

You guys should do more giveaways <3

Pokedeks says:

I pulled a mega Charizard from this box, and it’s on camera

Emily Ellison says:

love these vids

Will A says:

I was the first that liked

Kaiden K says:

Nice vid

Maddox Pearce says:

I saw a guy get pinned in the last video because of a legend. Is it still true?

Morten Fattah-Dobrzynski says:


Filipino Mapper says:

first i think

Diamond Lover says:

Loved this video ❤️

Ash - Ishaan says:

Nice video!

Corey Pearce says:

Keep up the amazing work derium

Mage King says:

Can you do a giveaway

Mewtwo's Pokemon says:

If anyone of you guys want a cynthia im doing a giveaway subscribe comment and leave a like

Stephen Kissoon says:

What about the daily box channel ?

Jalen Richardson says:

Mahone , where is everybody else y u keep doing most of the vids I mean plz, I need some change

samantha ferguson says:

hey dude are you going to do one of those booster box give away

Active Rowlet says:

I never miss your new videos

Joshua S says:

I never seen this! I guess it was kangas-gone

GaMe PlAYer21 says:

I loved your videos

Perla Barreras says:


Kitsune Yumii says:

Woooo Heya <3 Love ya all

David Gillespie says:

Good video

Mewtwo's Pokemon says:

If anyone of you guys want a cynthia im doing a giveaway subscribe comment and leave a like

Valer V says:

Your the best

Lego Fanboy says:

I love Pokemon expecialy xerneas

JTsChannelofAwesome says:

First Awesome video!!!

cookie5577 says:

You failed that flip really bad

Josh Smith says:

Nice video love the channel

ISenZtive Aqua says:

Keep it up

Will A says:

Loved the video

Nicole Odell says:

25th like

Zack Flesch says:

My booster box that I bought from you guys was incredible, I pulled a Hyper Rare Metagross and a Secret Rare Lightning Energy!

JesseShanks says:

The promo ended up in PSA 10 condition

Squertal Tv says:

Hmm this is old but Mk

nerf bros says:

Nice box

Jacob Mollette says:

I never even heard of this box.

Claudia Zarate says:


Julian's weird stuff says:

lòL Awesome

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