Lets ruin this win streak! Pokémon TCG Online

Andrew Mahone broadcasts the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online on his new Twitch Channel while preparing for the Collinsville Regional Championships! Watch Andrew try to hang on to his win streak while playing new decks like Pikachu and Zekrom Tag Team GX, Zapdos Jirachi, Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX and more!

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Tyghe Grainger says:

I’ve missed two weeks of stuff from mahone time to catch up

xTEAMDEADx says:

GAME 2 – #MakingDreamsHappen

Daniel Crouch says:

Found an awesome combo for taking down stall pokemon like magikarp/wailord and celebi/venusaur in one hit….. wobuffet and absol… no I’m not joking. Burning shadows wobuffet uses shadowy knot which does 50 x retreat cost… seeing it?? LMAO!! It actually works and can be set up with malamar.

RoyalBlizzardGaming says:

Does anyone else think that Blacephalon Gx would work well with magcargo and magcargo Gx as an engine? I’m playing an otk deck with said cards and blaziken Gx (except for blacephalon gx. I don’t have him)

Jinwook Chung says:

Hi, Andrew. I’m jinooki who played with you on 26:55 in this video. I was so surprise that I found out ‘enjoifriend’ as my opponent during the game. It was nice to have a game with you and I’m a big fan of Tricky Gym~!

Sherman Bricks/Pokemon says:


Me-me Mae-Mae says:

Why not Rayquaza & multiswitch for an attack at 45:25


Is this the list you played at regionals

Mikey Pence says:

Mr. Mahone couldnt you just tech a durant into your deck and then they cant get the unknown hand?

AllInYourFace says:

Hey, your videos basically help me practice for matches and help me build decks. Thanks, man. You are a great mentor and a good competitor.

mike a says:

I am Lord, ya ya ya. XD

Euler Machado says:

14 victories! Destroying Azul and fakePablo live is just something only a few can tell they did! 😛

gammafighter says:

Calling Jolteon a horse is… yikes. that is concerning.

Pokémon table top Games says:

Jolteon Fox

Me-me Mae-Mae says:

There is nothing I hate more in Pokémon than stall decks. I don’t mind straight mill decks but stall and stall/mill is just boring as fuck

Euler Machado says:

What an exciting first match!!!! Opponent was kidding you when you played tapu koko GX, but put down Tapu Lele GX kkkkkkkkkk I hope he will be humble next time. He lost anyways!

Deuce Loosely ptcg says:

Legends of the hidden temple!

SITube says:

I built a Pikaram based on your vids thanks!!

Me-me Mae-Mae says:

At 12:15 you put down a third Jirachi to Stellar Wish. I thought that when the first one hit the bench it would reset its ability?

Osher Sharaby says:

At the end, why did you not nest ball for the koko and then dig for thunder mountain to knock out his jolteon? Or did I miss something?

Clinton Matos says:

RIP Win streak. 2019 – 2019. Taken from us too soon.

Frank Windchester says:

CRAZY!! I made this deck before i saw this vid and named it “horsecatturkey wish” haha

ConnorK says:


Wimpo Squirl says:

Tanish and hosting tricky gym on twitch – name a more iconic duo

PGHEWrexham says:

Could you do a video on blacephalon/nagenadel

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