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QOTD: Favorite lost thunder card?
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jangoligth says:

Just one advice, don’t put 8 basic grass energy

zigzag14 says:

Alolan Ninetales IS for a fact the best card in the set. 2nd is Elm’s Lecture.

Adi Romit says:

All the unowns are epicly fun and if you can create awesome combos you will feel satisfied by just using their ability

omegaspanish0404 says:

My fav card of the set, dunno if it gonna count, but it’s the promo Pikachu with the pika shield ability (for my raichu Deck)

Borja pértega alonso says:

QOTD: I think zeraora will make lightning decks more comeptitive. I like it a lot.

Black Jack says:

DO a Lost March VS Night March match in Expanded! THAT would be Hilarious!!!!

ReplayStation says:

TBH, I thought Lost March was going to be trash against spread decks, but you’re killing it

Yo Po says:

qotd: blacephalon GX

Jamesta James says:

Last comment: love the reaction at 20:40 lol. Looks like you won the lottery lol. Can’t imagine what your face would look like if you truly won the lottery.

DuelWalkthroughs says:

QOTD: Most excited for Professor Elm’s Lecture. Nest Ball + Lillie/Apricorn Maker/Fan Club has been so clunky and sad. Elm will be so good for the format and really help stage 1 and 2 decks be more viable

8Bitkasper says:

Marshshadow would work in this just need bird in grave

Spicy 5Z says:

I have to admit Jumpluff is my fav in this set

8Bitkasper says:


8Bitkasper says:

Id run 4 blender

grace Wang says:


Jamesta James says:

Lost March looks sick. Love that it’s a Stage 2 deck.

Alex Biersner says:

Woof. Knocking out a Lele, then having the Shrine to clean up the other GX’s….I think I found the next deck I’m going to try and build. Just gotta find a store that’s selling Lost Thunder >.<

Fast Furious says:

Had 4-5 battles with them. Win all against them. Not really that great. Slow to set up and didn’t give them time to.

Tin Tin Nguyen says:


Kealo says:

Not even 10 mins in this video and I already hate this deck…

Sauli Rissanen says:

Ditto prism star is my fav pokemon in this set.


zeraora gx is my favorite card from this set lol.

Mont says:

Super hyped for this set

Jamesta James says:

The thing about Lost March that is better than Night March is because the Pokemon can’t be Karen’d Back into the deck.

Patrick Hand says:

I think Spinarak would be good to start with, especially if you’re playing something that heavily basic Pokémon. But I don’t know if it’s a necessity against everything.

Trung Trinh says:

Should we replace shrine by some sky pillar?

Matheus Bergonzine de Souza says:

Fave card = Professor Elm’s Lecture

Iamvox says:

first match was badass

Nick C says:

QOTD: Blacephalon gx is my favourite card for me, it’s gonna tear up the meta

Beaverbi says:

I alreafy have built irl plus u should give the whole account to me lololololol

Vishnu Prakash says:

QOTD:Shuckle Gx

Guzel says:

I’d play like 1-2 timer ball for trumpeek (dunno how its called)

ReplayStation says:

I want to play Lost March so bad… ordering all the singles I need as I watch this…

Half Dollar says:

is lost march going to be like night march

93desousa says:

Lost blender reminds me of “will it blend?” But with innocent pokemon

SSP AMV says:

Getting ptsd from night march

Guzel says:

8:20 Dennis.exe stoped wo-wo-wo-working

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