Lost March!! NEW Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone shows off the power of Lost March in this new Lost Thunder Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Check out the deck list for this powerful new deck at the end of the video and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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LanceLanceRevolution says:

This looks a lot more complicated than
The playground benches

抑制 8 7 2 says:

Gave your list a test today and I think it’s probably the best out of the current lists floating around, gonna tinker with it a bit though (adding marshadow gx for beast box -1 natu) , more choice bands etc

Jason Yew says:

Did u actually lose becoz u don have a good hand against lycanroc or buzroc? Or is lost match in nature will never beat that deck? Coz u said natu should trash that deck but tbh I cant c any part u trashing lycanroc or buzz..

Awesomeness 123 says:

I love this deck I’m making this deck irl!

shanes says:

Clifort is the truth.

panupong homsapaya says:

i think instead of blizle you should try orangru or both

Algernon Serrano says:

Maybe try the ditto prism star since it’s also a target for Professor elms lecture

Jamesta James says:

If only you could use Ditto.

RedWolfCorp Revamped says:

Pokemon introduces Night March 2

Bonanza Games says:

What are the odds of drawing 3 Cynthias total for your opening hand? lol

mindustrial says:

Your Energy problem is the result of all Pokemon tactics in the past 2-3 years being afraid of using them and being 80% technical decks. Setting up your draw power, searching and returning cards from discard. The whole Pokemon game design team is just rehashing their deck archetypes every few years and deck builders do the same.

chessie 66 says:

Spinrack from lost thunder? Also, oranguru is great!

MifBif says:

Hey try out this lost march list it’s been doing really well for me today.

Pokemon 23
x4 hoppip
x4 skiploom
x4 Jumpluff
x2 Natu
x4 Trumbeak
x1 Oranguru
x4 Tapu Koko

Trainer 29
x4 Cynthia
x3 professor elm
x2 Guzma
x1 Judge
x2 Lost Mixer
x2 Ultra Ball
x2 Great Ball
x4 Net Ball
x4 Acro Bike
x2 Shrine of Punishment
x2 Choice Band
x1 Rescue Stretcher

Eenergy 8
x4 Grass Energy
x4 Double Colorless

Michael Neumann says:

Are you going to be checking out mono macargo at all Andrew? It’s pretty fun to play

lior fridman says:

Israel got 8 jumpluff in total

noobn8r says:


WeTrappinMane says:

can u make a deck with unown and his power missing

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I loved the video. The deck was busted. But I think cake pop deck is better than lost march. But both can be equally good.

Paul Siwek says:

Rumor is that lost March is a gimic deck..don’t see any lost March winning in the Japan meta

Anime Club says:

need some tweeks, but busted potential ! i can’t even imagine this deck in expanded like DAMN

justin jenkins says:

Imma have to try this deck again,I played the proxy version and I just wasn’t feeling it ,great video bro always great content

Jordan Pope says:

I put 5 grass 4 dce and even with net balls i struggle with the energy discarding

ReplayStation says:

I believe in the Lost March hype. I don’t know if Zebstrika is doin it for me because of the discard, maybe Oranguru… but I’ve got sets of all the pokemon, net balls, elm’s, and lost mixers headed my way in the mail. Is this deck Shrine-worthy? Would that even make a difference?

Patrick Hand says:

What do we think about Spinarak as the early game Pokémon? Paralysis while lost zoning so you can set up the rest of your board seems like it would be good.

Epic Shonen Guy says:

If this deck gets too strong overtime i bet pokemon company will create a card where you can remove cards from the lost zone. Something like “for each “something” put a pokemon from the lost zone into the discard pile” (both you and your opponent).

ROXX says:

Ninetale / solgaleo is super busted

man leung says:

Can show this deck list

Pancake says:

After watching the stream I thought it would have taken you another month to finish a lost deck hahahahahaha

Roby 4Freedom says:

Where can i find the decklist for this beauty of a deck? For the standard though not expanded

Steaky Boy says:

would marshadow gx help this deck with additional coverage being a fighting type?

Kyle Ordway says:

Love the video. LOST MARCH Busted

Logan McCarthy says:

Great video, Andrew! I got my order from Full Grip games for Lost Thunder today; thank you for the signed escape board! 🙂 keep on rocking!

Turner Welborn says:

108 packs IRL, 1 jumpluff 0 blacephalon. Thanks pokemon. Thanks for always short printing the relevant cards in the set. Prof elm I got 3 in 3 boxes. Memory energy also an uncommon i get like 10

Alex McCorkindale says:

Play an energy recycle system? It’s rescue stretcher for basic energy

Ethan Ng says:

Yo I love the video

Cole Weget says:

Can I suggest that you put pasted version of the exported decklist in the description?

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