Lucario GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon TCG Deck Profile

Andrew Mahone reviews the new Lucario GX / Lycanroc GX that Michael Pramawat used to finish in the Top-32 of the Portland Regional Pokemon Trading Card Game Championships.

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Macio135 says:

Andrew, will you be covering the Esp/Garb deck from Portland, either by doing a deck profile, or by playing the deck on ptcgo?

Johnathan Lopez says:

Looks Awesome

germania600bc says:

If you ever find the time, it‘d be cool if you talked about damaged cards/marked cards/marked sleeves. Maybe just a little about your experiences. I‘m currently building my own competitve decks and one of my biggest fear is ruining my credibility by playing a card that is deemed ‚marked‘.

Thank you for all your insight and your videos.

Adam says:

Definately will give this deck a try, not been on ptcgo for a while though hope the cost of Lucario isn’t through the roof haha

My Opinion Doesn't Matter says:

strong energy is low key one of the most OP cards in standard

Kelly Weir says:

You’re the man Andrew. My favorite pokemon player!! Hopefully I will meet you in the future!!!

Kasten Welsh says:

Can you show off what you carry to each event/how you organize it? I would really love to see how you keep everything together when going to events (like how to prevent theft and stuff as well)

Mystic 64 says:

At last, another deck profile


Can u do an online play of this deck

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Is this Michael pramawatt’s lis??

José Rolón says:

I don’t get something, why you don’t get Acerola instead of Super Scoop Up? ‘Cause you not need to flip a coin.

jeffreyromanik says:

Paw Patrol Deck

Boba Life says:

should I run this?

Fabian Bauer says:

Why no Acerola?

DapperDraBy says:

I wanted to see this list ever since I saw pram on stream. How do you think it could be fine tuned for expanded play?

AndreNGropo says:

I tough this deck would just switch Golisopod’s for Lucario’s and use it with garbodor and Acerolas. But this looks really consistent even without Sycamores, god bless brooklet hill.

Eeveelutions8 says:

Nice I would have maybe added a Wally/Acerola and max potions if one could fit it in.

Daniel Mason says:

What happened to fighting guys 2.1…
And what do you do about bulu and espeon…

Kelvin Corp says:

Great deck list. Should be an fun deck to play with.

Jamesta James says:

13:40 Scooper Soup Up

Thunder Rhino says:

This deck looks pretty cool. I was expecting some devolution spray.

buzzerbob says:

I like the look of this deck. Need to try it out online.

Isaiah Jarmulowski says:

Awesome deck thanks for the profile

Natanis says:

Great breakdown 🙂 You going to Toronto regional championships?

Supreme player5 says:

Hey nice video

Ultra Shiny Umbreom says:

Can u ask Natalie to show us her rampardos deck list plz

Ash - Ishaan says:

This looks like a very consistent deck!

jinzo says:

I love it!!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Nice deck

Hunter Thorne says:

no joke i won by stalling out with detects at least twice, its a pretty legitimate attack

Poke' Apocalypse says:

This looks soooooooooo goood, gonna try and give this a whirl myself!!

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