Lucario GX vs Greninja BREAK – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Lucario GX vs Greninja BREAK in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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ThePokéSource says:

First comment

Fernando Izaguirre says:

I love your content, Andrew! Thanks for being a positive role model and individual!

Mount Mount says:

Yooooo that’s me. I was wondering if you had the energy to gx last turn. Knew you would make a video

Andy Fulcher says:

Ewww go away Greninja Break

Butt3rBob says:

Why that Riolu?

Kenny Yang says:

Why do you always go first?

ArtyFarts says:

Metagross next format pls

NDogg15 says:

Even just watching Greninja matches infuriates me

Galalyth says:

Your frame rate issues should be having to do more with your OBS (I’m guessing) settings and hardware rather than your internet speed.

Frank Tucciarone says:

Love to see some Lucario Love!! Any chance we can get the decklist?

Justo Mina says:

Lucario deck….. almost swept opponent with buzzwole lol

Khin David says:

Any chanxe in playing on a moblie.

ArdipithecusR. says:

rip in peace N to one

Cuzzi Sama says:

why did you brooklet for a riolu at the end instead of a lele for sycamore or cynthia when you only had the remorade on your bench

Cody James says:

Hey Andrew, do you need any pre release malamars?

Paul Siwek says:

I seen this deck do very well at league cup..might be a good play for worlds with all the zoroak around

Poké TUBE says:

Im new to pokemon tcg so 1 quick question is graninja break in next standard fomant in the next rotation?

hpk t says:

Rip lol at least no more g ninja in next format

Arceus3infinity says:

Plz bro show us a Scizor GX deck

Paul Semanco says:

Do you think Lucario will be good in the post rotation?

josh Brz says:

Greninja is annoying

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