Lucario GX / Zoroark GX vs Gardevoir GX – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays the new Lucario GX / Zoroark GX vs Gardevoir GX on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this game play video.

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Bobby 101 says:

First like!

Miguel Garcia says:

Hi Andrew against Gallade Bulu Volcanion EX you can just easy tech one Regirock EX maybe this is what you need for your deck

Ash - Ishaan says:

Hi! Awesome deck!

High Kicks Asian says:

Nice deck. Lucario x Zoroark is always a great combo. Just a quick question though could we get an updated deck profile on the regular Solgaleo GX deck?

adam opatrny says:

deck looks solid I question some playlines but either you just didn’t think it was worth it or you didn’t think you where going to win regardless.

João Paulo Faria Henrique says:

At 5:00 you could’ve Ultra Ball for a Tapu Lele and Guzma the Kirlia with the fairy energy. Would be more difficult for them to put Gardevoirs into play. Would be risky if they evolved into Gallade, tho

Poke Collectors says:

The card seems good but it depends on how you built it, it seems like it need a little too much to work correctly but that’s just me

cochiselol1232 says:

That stream was awesome. I was surprised how well this deck did. My favourite part was that guy that tried to scam ya. “Hey Andrew I bought a play mat and when I got it it was ripped. Can I get a refund?”
Andrew – “uhhh I haven’t shipped them yet”

Evan The Pokemon card Guy says:

Can you make a Charizard GX deck! I have a lot of charizard GX and Mega and EX!

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Man Lucario GX is looking prettttty goooood!!

Trey says:

Hi, Andrew. I’m looking to start playing Pokémon and I’ve been watching tons of your videos to try and understand some of the finer points of how to play. I just have one quick question, though. At around the 16:45 mark, when you traded away the Sycamore, why not play the Sycamore, and then trade? That would draw you 9 cards out of a 16 card deck, which, unless I’m mistaken, would give you better probability of drawing a double Puzzle than just ripping one Puzzle off of one trade. You could even play the single Puzzle first to peek at what you’d be getting

NeoWeo says:


Professor Tupelo says:

Andrew quick question for a pro player how do u feel about zygarde gx with this deck when forbidden light releases?

Nickolas Devage says:

Um why did you not play po town that would be the best in that deck V.S gardy bc they would already have 90 damage on them


It might be a good idea to tech in carbink break to deal with lucario’s awkward energy attachment. Maybe remove mew ex with the single prize mew if you really want mew to counter the buzzwole.

Zakkary Vaughn says:

Why didn’t you N when they Beacon’d for the Gardy? Seems more relevant to disrupt their hand over taking 1 extra card with Cynthia…

Jarrett Nicholson says:

I think you need to look over the shipping prices. Went to buy the playmat and shipping was $50!?!? I’m only in Canada and have bought products from the States both smaller and larger than a playmat and pay a quarter that price

Dr. Oreo says:

Andrew I have a question about an interesting play I saw. It’s just when you ultra balled for the second zororak I think you should have got lele for guzma attach the dce to the first zororak and guzma for octillery

ElectricVibez HD says:

Dankstankerous beatdown!!!

Captain Mallard says:

Just a time stamp for Riley

Patrick Hand says:

I made something similar. But ran 3 super scoop ups, and I don’t own a mew ex on ptcgo. Most of the time I’d get two aura strikes with the +90 and then rely on cyclone kick to finish the game.

My Hanh Vuong says:

Stuid lucario

TheChees z says:


Pokemon Leauge Player says:

Are you going to the regionals this weekend

Stephen Jurela says:


Dominik says:

Hey Andrew, I would love a misty playmat as she is one of my my favourite people in Pokemon (along with N) how would I pay and how would it get shipped??? Is it through a website. How much is it and is it even possible for you to ship it to Europe? Also love the competitive analysis and decks you make, you are my favourite poketuber along with the Pokemon evolutionaries! Have a great day and tell me i it’s possible to get the misty playmat?

Derek Martin says:

Thoughts on cutting back on fighting energy for rainbow to make acerola work so your not relying on scoop up

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