Marshadow GX / Malamar – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Marshadow GX / Malamar in this Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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John Hardy says:

Mahone I look forward to your videos every day. I WAS just a collector of Pokemon cards, never played an actual game until I found this channel. Total upgrade to my fandom and my hobby. Thank you so much.

Riley Hulbert says:

Andrew Mahone taking Gaskan for a spin but it looks like results may vary 8)

Anand P says:

Crazzzzzyyyyy video bud

Euler Machado says:

Congratz Mahone! I slept so well with the Goomy battle lol

Walrus Junior says:

Hey. I was wondering if when you get back, you can make a standard Buzzroc profile? I’m trying to build it but can’t find a good list. Thanks!
Edit 2: lmao I found vikaray and not Buzzroc lmfao

MysteryMan says:


Moharu q says:

Hey Mahone, whats up?
One play to keep in mind when playing this deck against Zoroark is that if you can discard Mimikyu, you can use copycat with Marshadow-GX, to copy Rioutus Beating and 1hko a Zoroark (with a full bench), most of the time its unexpected and only costs 2 energy

Eric French says:

That Goomy deck plays best with that card that gives your Dragon Pokemon immunity to supporters, stadiums, items, energy and damage.
Oh wait…

Vexed Gaming says:

hey mahone I met you at st louis regionals 2018 but I never got a shout out I was promised

John Hardy says:

Just buzzed your Etsy store and seen it’s in Akron OH. I knew there was a reason I found this channel. Much love from Columbus. Go Bucks!

Jaromir Bracki says:

Whenever you play Malamar deck, my brain recognizes ” just in case” as “just Inkays”. Can’t help it.

Kyle Thompson says:

YellowSwellow just made a goomy vid and DarkIntegral’s goomy video should be tomorrow. Expect to see it more often from now and look forward to it being less and less unique. Acerola is for kartana GX (anti special energy)

ArtyFarts says:

I love this deck. Was hoping you would make another video with it. Thanks!

Doge Biscuit says:

Hey Andrew! I enjoy your videos and wanted to say that you’re great at it!
As a zoro player, ive used 4 great ball im my lists for a couple tourneys. Its gotten me out of a rough lele start and top 4 top10 finishes

NomisK1 says:

Hey Andrew, can you showcase rileys garchomp deck? it looked so interesting…. Thanks for your effort 🙂

Ronsky says:

You should really just resize your default signature so that way we can see the full decklist, and you don’t have to constantly remove it.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone I love this deck. This is the most consistent deck in the format with vikaray for sure.

[Last_Stand] says:

That Goomy match up made me feel weird. Good on the guy for trying to be unique but that match was hard to watch. All the little cute Goomys getting beat into oblivion.

Alex McCorkindale says:

Personally I like playing 1 basic fighting, a rainbow, or unit energy so you can use Marshadows GX attack (costs 1 fighting & does 50 damage per basic energy attached)

Ben Island says:

Had a blast hanging out with with you at pokecon can’t wait till I can see you in person again!

Mason Lemons says:

“But at what cost? You’re playing a goomy deck…”

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