MEGA CHARIZARD TO THE RESCUE (Watch ’till VERY End!) Pokemon Trading Card Game Online #1

In this video, I play a couple of versus matched on Pokemon TCGO! Something crazy happens at the end, so make sure to watch the WHOLE thing! Like if you enjoyed and/or want to see more!


Jessica Johnson says:

if you are looking for a new pokemon game play on roblox and search up pokemon brick bronze

Kevin James says:

I have surfing pickachu in real life

Bailey Min says:

What the f

Timothy Garlick says:

Boo. Surfing pikachu is like 25 cents now. Don’t flip out if you get it

Bailey Min says:


YoungBigMacBoi says:

But what if I use my *BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON?!*

Shiela Perez says:

Noob mega charizard then retreat charmander

Jun Xue says:


Dallas Eevee says:

Let’s be honest. More like “Flareon to the rescue”

Jacque Kaufman says:

I have a flying pikachu in my deck

The Vigster says:

I have surfing pikachu

Odin Ares says:

fucking anoying video

IncaTainosYT_ says:

17:10 i thought he said “im gonna SICKO MODE now” i was like da fuuuuh. But he said sickamoore or however u spell it

Giovanni Olave says:


Dakota Mix says:

I have it for real

Sarah Berger-Patten says:

I have a surfing pikachu for real #not lying

red boy says:

I have a surfing pikachu in real life

Ahmad Elabiad says:

this kid keeps saying o my gosh

plant boi amibo says:

Im better than you

Mic Baca says:

you have every card i have

Dallas Eevee says:

Both of y’all are actually trash

Devkamla Singh says:

This is best video

Cole Koski (Student) says:

I just got the Surfing Pikachu in real life. You got some good pulls

ZEEBOY33/ThePikachuGamer1019 says:

I have RAINBOW RARE Reshiram GX, Reshiram GX, Zekrom GX, And Hoopa EX

superwolf says:

I have surfing pikachu card in real life

Jose Huerta says:

I have a surfing Pikachu

Messy devil says:

Why don’t they release this game on phone

Lees_Hot_Beef Beef_Boy_Jr says:

You are talented kid

Bhavna Varsani says:

Which game is this?

Piko Master 567567 says:

I have surfing pikAch

folayemi lamai says:

your a Pokemon master

Hayden Burke says:

I have the serging in real life

Jessica Johnson says:

i had surfing pikachu as well. but it got destroyed

Tucker C says:

I have surfing Pikachu IL

Tyrall Fanene-Clark says:

let me see more please please please please..

big pokemon fan

Ben Adams says:

1:29 I have all of them IRL

commander rinoks says:

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on kid

kerb nerd says:

I have a surerfing Pikachu

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