Metagross GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew plays Metagross GX vs a Malamar / Spread deck on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this PTCGO Gameplay video.

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Poké TUBE says:

Please try out alolan raticate gx!

Prestige Pokemon says:

Great battle. Love the channel mahone

Sebastian Vallejo says:

I am replacing one Nest ball for 1 field blower and 1 cynthia for 1 altar of the sunne. There are many shrine decks around so I need something to counter them.

Slotholopolis To you says:

Love the Metagross play!

Breanna says:

Good morning, Andrew and everyone reading this 🙂

Number Six says:

What…the H…happened to Deriums??? Things seem to going down hill fast over there.

Megaman says:

Those shiny kokos are from the 3 pack blisters mahoneee. Ive been playing a 3 vulp/2 baby ninetales, 1 gx, 1 sandshrew/free attack sandslash and 3-3 eevee/glaceon with 1 oranguru and 1 koko

rollingbird3 says:

deck list?

Alex McCorkindale says:

I’m really surprised your opponent didn’t quit after the max potion turn lmao

Professor Tupelo says:

Mahone can u play with jimmys zororoc list would love to see it thanks!!!

Kenealeon says:

love the video and your channel. i hope i have as many subs as you one day!

Matt Gregg says:

The new Solgaleo would make this deck spicy.

gammafighter says:

Picked up a shiny Koko blister after your steam last night. Garbage pills but at least I got a shiny koko

edgardo matthies says:

13:00 what if your opponent KO two metagross with lele? you can’t attack every turn after that

Cody Stenroos says:

Space lions deck with new promo

TheHero 2550 says:

Try this with dusk mane or ultra necrozma. Speeds up the set-up

laiden25 says:

Where’d you get the Solgaleo GX? Thanks…I need 2 more. I got one gold from Ultra Prism for 20 booster packs.

Riahisama says:

Those late max potions were hella risky

Denis Lapuente says:

@13:50 – 680 damage on board. WHERE ARE THE NEW UNOWNS?

Alex McCorkindale says:

Stevens Resolve fully art is a nice looking card!

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Morning Andrew

Riley Hulbert says:

Jeez Andrew, you are lucky that guy didn’t play down a Necrozma and Black Ray

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