Metagross GX /Ultra Necrozma GX vs Zoroark GX / Garbodor – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Metagross GX /Ultra Necrozma GX vs Zoroark GX / Garbodor in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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Richie Rich says:


Jamesta James says:

By the way, Dhelmise is actually not an anchor :p It’s the green, assuming, seaweed.

erki Bladh says:

There’s a Metagross deck that is currently 5/0 in the Pokebeach open this month

Kyle Ordway says:

Yo bro love ur channel, so sad u left Deriums as it is a bit boring now love Deriums though he just needs a good wing man like u but ur better off now…..super dope bro

rollingbird3 says:

hate that you dont put deck profiles up. would love to play what you’re playing

Alex McCorkindale says:

Really enjoyed this deck!

Riahisama says:

hm yeah the play was definitely to kill the zoro at the end

Tim Melton says:

I’m kinda assuming this list was built before Celestial Storm dropped, but is there really any reason to run the GRI Beldum over the new Conductive Body version (which is super good at helping you retreat into A-Vulpix on T1)

Sullivan Nix says:

Do you have a Gyrados GX deck?

Jamesta James says:

If you played Mega Ray against Ray GX that would be cool :p

Coolhand 118 says:

Finally a video with metagross :3

Feral Pal says:

Just came here to hear you say Sweatygross.

Poker Jedi says:

I’m looking to playing this deck post rotation. I think it will be solid. Trying to figure out if I want to play Dusk Mane or Ultra Necrozma with the deck. Ultra can hit bigger numbers but Dusk Mane has a better GX attack and don’t have to worry about psychic energy.

YiQun Qian says:

freaking timer is always irritating

Cameron Randolph says:

can u pls play a gardi deck next

maclid says:

I played Metagross GX in League this weekend (with Solgaleo GX). I do think Metagross GX moves back toward the top tier when Garbotoxin rotates in a couple weeks.

NOAVIER the Gamer says:

Love the content,I play metagross / solgaleo. You should try it out.

Alex montiel says:

Hey man do you stream?

ArtyFarts says:

Thanks for this vid, I’ve been trying out a list as well but couldn’t get it just right

PCourie says:

Why u change the title? SHWEATY was the best title eva

Jack Høye says:

Tried it and i feel like Dusk Mane / Magnezone is abit better imo

Euler Machado says:


StarkMaximum says:


BananaInfinity says:

the misplays are real xd

Slotholopolis To you says:

Score, I come back from vacation to find Mahone playing Sweatygross. Next format brings some very welcome changes for my metal spider friend.

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