Metagross GX vs Golisopod GX – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Metagross GX vs Golisopod GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online match.

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Phillip Abeita says:

I am also playing ultra standard with acro bikes, copycats, judge and no xy cards

Ada Martin says:

I absolutely love the way you explain how the deck works and that you explain why you are gonna play these and those cards. Thanks Mahone. Keep it up!

Nova1080 says:

This is one of my favorite decks. Hoping it’s still good after rotation.

Slotholopolis To you says:

Sweatygross!!!! I built this deck a few weeks ago getting ready for next format. I really like it with an Ultra Necrozma and Dusk Mane Necrozma in there. They give me the ability to slow play with the Max Potion on sweaty or come in hot and hit heavy with those two big attackers.

PG says:

Seems like this guy is already in the next format

Prestige Pokemon says:

Nice vid

Dylan Green says:


Wimpo Squirl says:

This deck should get a lot better after celestial storm!

Suman Jaiswal says:

Play some games with snuggly generator

Petch KimiO says:

Deck list?

totally toads says:

Can you make a deck profile video for sweatygross

Jamesta James says:

13:50- should have retreated into the other non hurt Metagross and Geo’d three times to it.

DJones1048 says:

1 copy of hala would be really good for metagross gx.

Feral Pal says:

I’m watching this to hopefully hear u say sweatygross.

Miguel Martin says:

will buzzwole die after rotation cause of all that stuff that rotates and would rayquzza be better than buzzwole gx

davidiswhat says:

No steel necrozmas? Deck loses Bridgette after rotation ….

Epic-a Wer says:

dialga will make this deck better

Mystic 64 says:


Mike Alberson says:

I’m kind of stoked for stage 2 decks becoming a little more viable with the upcoming format

Brandon Evans says:

Metagross GX is still one of my most favorite and consistent decks I’ve been playing for a while. I love the fact that it can hit decent numbers, especially with delmise, and it’s one tanky deck. And you don’t need float stone. Love this deck. 🙂

Andrew Murray says:

What if metagross goes back to your bench during your next turn? Can he still attack if u guzma?

crewser1395 says:

Hey Metagross is honestly a sweet deck if you run it like more of a toolbox deck. Run things like necrozma or evolutions mewtwo for psychic weakness, clefairy to counter ultra necrozma, dusk mane gx for Ohko on tanky decks and/or the promo dusk mane for the sake of having a non-gx attacker, even marshadow could be good. Also, when you algorithm, don’t always outright grab metagross. Grab an ultra ball or two. It helps thin your deck so you don’t draw into them as dead cards late game and it helps get energy in the discard if you. haven’t yet.

carlos triana says:

I think you should use at least a copy of Ultra Necrozma or a regular Necrozma gx to hit higher numbers when required

TwoHeadedFlounder says:

Metagross is probably gonna be my favorite play after rotation

Zaekr says:

I loved playing Metagross GX through the Crimson Invasion times.

Brandon Bass says:

I think sweatygross should play 1-2 copies of dusk mane to help hit high hp Pokémon like golisopod and zoroark without any kukui shenanigans.

Fernando Gimenes says:

Andrew, is there a place that I can see your channel’s decklists? I always watch the videos and never get to create a similar deck

Strahinja Marjanovic says:

Why no decklist

Richie Rich says:


Matt Gregg says:

I like playing Metagross with only metals and with DuskMane. Feels more consistent personally.

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