Necrozma GX / Malamar Mirror Match – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays a Necrozma GX / Malamar Mirror Match in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Can Andrew overcome his opponent in this battle between Mewtwo, Dawn Wings Necrozma, Malamar and Necrozma GX?

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Mr. Invisble says:

Great video, been playing the crap out of a psychic Malamar deck lately. The Zoroark matchup, it’s a coinflip at worst with a Marshadow GX in the deck. If you get a dawn wings in the discard (which you want anyway) and end up using Moon’s Eclipse Gx with Marshadow on a Zoroark GX you basically win. I play 2 necrozma GX, 2 Dawn wings, and 1 Marshadow Gx and that seems to cover the bases.

Alex McCorkindale says:

If you could build a Solgaleo deck that is as consistent as top Gardevoir decks then I think it’d be worth considering. It depends on how much ya think people will be playing Ho-oh

Banks 04 says:

that comeback tho :O

Marcus Navarro says:

Ninja boy would be so dope in this deck

Jacob Bell says:


Tim Melton says:

That was a really well-played mirror match, but are you really running only one Dawn Wings-GX in your Malamar list? I think the mobility of Invasion and the OHKO potential of its GX attack is so strong that you should really be running at least two

KingPassimian TCG says:

Hey Andrew I’m thinking about starting my own channel but I don’t know where to start can you give me some tips please

Coolhand luke says:

Would benching mewtwo gx and using clefairy to use his gx move and go down to 1 prize be a decent move that turn or not?

Chymistry says:

please play egg man

Euler Machado says:

Really nice match!!!

Marcus Navarro says:

Ninja boy would be so dope in this deck

Yuri L says:

Never thought I’d see the day giratina promo was referred to as an ‘insane attacker’

Turbo Flareon says:

Whenever I hear beast ring, I hear bee string.

Derick Logan says:

Play a Honchkrow/Tapu Koko deck

Salty Taps says:

Mahone u should do more table top videos. I really enjoy them and they make me want to watch them the instint they r posted. Not that I don’t love these.

Ash - Ishaan says:

I have been playing Lucario/Lycanroc these days and it’s great! Super Scoop up is great to get Lucario and Lycanroc back. I really like the deck!


Im currently playing the fighting type toxicroak to deal with zoroark

Eeveelutions8 says:

Nice video again Andrew.

Kyle Goguen says:

Tfw you see a new video go up and thought you forgot your headphones at home. Luckily they were in my work desk, crisis averted.

Raul Neto says:

your content is solid

Richie Rich says:


dj lamby says:

You should play a gardevoir zoroark

NDogg15 says:

“Now the could GX me.” lies

Mr Roach says:


expire on june 30… one time use only… be quick 🙂

Tony Nguyen says:

So were us the glaceon gx deck at in the meta standing

Jamesta James says:

I personally don’t like Clefairy, but different folks different strokes 🙂

Cybno says:

1/1 Necro is kinda short, you don’t need Mewtwo and Mewtwo GX. Prizes could be very painful

Jaylengames 8 says:

can u play genesect

Strahinja Marjanovic says:

Play bulu

Dr. Oreo says:

I just a built passimian baby buzz and it’s not bad can you try it you can do a lot of crazy stuff with passimian

Alex Jacobs says:

Have you considered playing Giratina Prism Star?

Jonathan Newton says:

I’ve been thinking of making a deck with celestial storm sceptile and lurantis gx any thoughts?

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