NEW Luxury Ball Pokemon TCG Tin!!!

Today we are cracking open a bunch of Brand new Pokeball tins. This is season 2 of the Pokeball Tins and They Feature Great Balls & Luxury Balls! The Great Ball tins usually come with 5 Great Balls and 1 Luxury Ball but the Luxury Pokeball is SOLD OUT at the moment. BUT I FINALLY MANAGED TO GET THE RARE Luxury ball Pokemon Card Tin! So Today we have a Case of 5x Great Ball Pokemon Card Tins and 1x Sealed new Luxury ball tin.


MochaSuperSet90 says:

Does the white and green code guarantee a holo or gx idk I don’t buy the packs

OmegaUltra YT says:

How much money is your whole pokemon collection? Btw love your vids

Darker/Drifty Boy/Laurus Roloxer boy also says:

Everybody we got him *place meme here*

Mantana Scott says:

Nice track from pokemon go let’s go pikatchu

henry says:

Do you have ninetales break

Button_Clicker says:

ok ando we all know you opened the great baklls again to get it to 10 min XD

Toshinori Yagi says:

Unlisted leaf,
What’s new is:
Hoopa GX
Cobalion GX
Zekrom and Pikachu GX
Celebi and Venusaur GX
Snorlax and Eevee GX
Please make a video about you unboxing that set, because it’s nuts.

Diegos Diego says:

Wow nice pulls btw i posted a video giving out free promo codes idk how many are yet to redeem

Space Glacier says:

I like a moon ball the most

Th0mas87 says:


Sabadobo says:

Did he say the N word??? 4:55

MingTube says:

cool video, nice pokemon tcg

IssyLetsPlay! says:

*when you can’t event get a Pokéball*

jacob springston says:

hey guys if anyone plays pokemon tcgo maybe we could battle

IKS Lachy says:

At 5:55 look at the packet and then pulls a GX of the packet like if I’m correct

Luke the cool rainbow says:

And here is the address 3 Vauxhall Street county Dublin in Ireland

Mir haque says:

My friend gave me a free incineroar GX and a Rainbow rare umbreon GX


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George Orechovsky says:

That was fun to scream at.

James Trainson says:

I love the beast bal

realistixz says:

My favorite Pokeball is the Beast Ball

Romani90020 says:

I just subbed! Great vids man pretty entertaining, Now i’m gonna start collecting Pokemon cards!!!

Agostino Gouskos says:

I opened the same thing but I got a rainbow rare gumshoos

Maria Bautista says:

Guys help me marshadow gx or lurantis gx? Comment

ohjilunartail says:

i love Luxury ball. i have my Espeon in one every game. gotta have the best for the best pokemon

moonking192020 says:

My sister was fired from zing Pop culture for weighting pokemon cards! WTF is wrong with that

Luke the cool rainbow says:

If you want to even turn to one length reactions to me does the gengar and mimikyu one

Galaxy wolf Moon says:

Are you gonna have any merch?!??

Norfolk Southern 7373 says:

Full sun and moon pack is GX?

ThanosGibby 69 says:

Yo what did he say at 4:58

RoadEnds says:

Quick ball for the win.

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

Hey it was my birthday and most people forgot and I didn’t get anything I was gonna ask if I can have some packs and cards because I’ve been watching you for so long since I was in 4th grade and I’m in 7th grade now but if you can’t totally understand have a good day

Masud Khalif says:

Wow you got 6 GXS, I’m soo amzed and lots of luck getting more

Joe Fadous says:

4:58 hey! Who gave you the n -word pass

Chax Apocolips Clash of Clans Clash Royale says:

Ultra balls my favorite

Vincidious says:


John Smith says:

masterball is ok BUT i caught every legendary in most of the newer games with quick balls…the earlier you use it the better it works TRUST ME! in X and Y i caught rayquaza AND deoxys with ONE quick ball each right off the bat. if u dont catch it in the first 2 quick balls then go to ur usual techniques….quick balls are the most underated balls. second would be dusk balls cuz most legendaries back in the day were in caves, also you get the plus of saving masterballs cuz u didnt need them in the first place <3

Ka boosh says:

Can I have one of your Gengar and Mimikyu GX cards please.

Norfolk Southern 7373 says:

Lol the Explosion Added XD

jacob springston says:

and btw unlistedleaf you are the best

Rae Shields says:

wait this guy hasn’t died from an excitement heart attack

Cris Dela cruz says:

My fav pokeball is the beast ball

TheEmerald Alpha says:


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