NEW NAME! 3X Games with Zygarde GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone shows off the new channel name, Mahone’s Tricky Gym, and plays 3 games with his new Zygarde GX / Lycanroc GX deck in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online game play video.

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Welcome to our Pokemon Competitive Channel! We will be covering Pokemon Deck Profiles, Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) game plays, Pokemon event coverage and much more that the Pokemon competitive scene has to offer! Mahone’s Tricky Gym is your best resource to learn how to play Pokémon!


GreenFlame says:

I found the channel right when you changed your name so when I clicked on a video with your old name I was confused when it said Mahone’s Tricky Gym.

Joshua Trevino says:

Hey Andrew, I recently made a deck where it is a Zygarde/Zoruark deck. I use both Zygarde GX and EX. With a couple instruct Oranguru. U should try it out, it works ok but for me is limited because I only have 1 Zoruark GX.

Bobby Garcia says:

Love the colors on logo

Nitron says:

Subscribed on the strength of the new name. 😀

Man, I thought I beat everyone to this! I’ve been playing Zygarde with Lycanroc for a couple days.

Nacho Rubik Sur says:

I think that you’re seeing this as some sort of turbo buzz and it’s quite not. Maybe using less sycamore and more Cynthia and N 1 and 1 maybe. Also a baby buzzwole could come in clutch for a heavy hitter as you keep setting up the rest of the board. Love your vids men, keep up the great work. Greetings from Argentina

matt hale says:

congrats on new name

konqu3r the 1st says:

dang i was hoping no1 would record this
deck before I brought it to a league cup

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Will the misty playmat be back at some point? Curious just as I’ve been trying to get it whenever I have spare cash

Richie Rich says:

#Mahomies #MahonesTrickyGym

Wailord’s Pokémon says:

You go Mahone! Love your vids

UnRealisticFezant says:

I noticed that for a while. But to be honest, the older one was better. That’s kind of okay.

Richard Gutierrez says:

Lol that last game

IntakeEevee says:

Love the new name!!!


I think a buzzwole (baby or GX) tech would help against Golisopod. It’s just finding out what to cut for it

Susuno Gutierrez says:

Love the name Mahone!

Shawn Henaman says:

I really like the name! And zygarde is an interesting deck for sure. It could be really good in the right match ups.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

The best name ever!!!

ElectricVibeZ HD says:

Loving the new name , so much better than having deriums name in front of it because you run this channel

AznYunHou says:

And then people who check out past vids will be like who’s Derium?

Ghost Master says:

Sick name!

shanes S4 says:

You were soooo gonna hit the strecher #plotarmor

Ryan Deeley says:

What tricks can you do on a skate boared

Matt Gregg says:

Looking forward too big brain deck testing videos and you might want to throw in some Scorched Earth for extra draw and to get fighting energy in your discard pile.

LegendaryCarrot says:

Deck profile on this one please?

Mark Turner says:


Swift Limited says:

Hi Andrew Mahone !!! Any chance you could do a new/updated golisopod/zoroark gx deck please???? Thanks bro keep up the good content

someone whodoesstuffandthings says:

rocket’s tricky gym got me to t16 of worlds 2005. 🙂

Joshua Fuentes says:


Layne says:

you would have hit it

Jivitesh Mullangi says:

I said that before in the stream

Alex Wilson says:

Definitely would’ve hit it!

Julien says:

Awesome name change for an awesome trainer!

Allison Frazer says:

Lygarde deck!!! Lol

Sp00nRX78 says:

More expanded decks would be awesome.

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