NEW Pokemon TCG Poke Ball Tins!!!!

Today we are opening the brand new Pokemon TCG Poke Ball Tin I have a WHOLE Booster Box worth of these Pokeball Tins including the RAre Pokemon Quick Ball tin that all has come out at the end of 2018! These new Pokemon Items contain 3 Pokemon Card Booster Packs and 1 Shiny Pokemon Coin!


Ethan Landry says:

I want amaniphy coin

Beepers says:

should have been the return of the trading figure game

ツJhєrσdє says:

How to arrange cards?

Joey Jeff says:

Yes plz I would like the coin

Valkyria Greyholme says:

Also, the best thing about that is the pokeball, the paintjob is really top notch quality

badtime trio says:

I want the coin please

jonathan cornier says:

that noctowel was shiny lol

fat scoob waffle fred jones donkey says:


Underdog Straatbrak says:

Best Youtube rewind……..LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Armani pamyu says:

youtube stop recommending this and reminding me that i am still broke as hell

Theb1rd0269 says:

I do

Valkyria Greyholme says:

My regular pokeball had a deoxys pokemon coin

The Lair of Blair says:

can it fit a 60 card deck?

nyuuchan356 says:

Flipping out over an $8 and a $7 card, lol.

Collectorman101 says:

So I bought a quick ball tin from the pokemon center and they goofed and put in 4 packs instead of 3

vincent sto domingo says:

why best youtube rewind?


cat gath says:

Had to rewatch the first part to make sure you asked if anyone wants a coin. I would like one of them.

Darth Reivax says:

Does anybody else think that Ando looks like an Aussie version of Ewan McGregor?

Lepatron says:

The pokeball box thing kinda looks like a game healing machine

werewolf dragon says:

I opened one I got a mewtwo ex

no1 chicken Reviewer says:

10:12 ‘holy fuck!’

Madins says:

Quero nem vê o preço disso no brasil

Super psyduck man2 says:

I want the coin

Eggert Nielson says:

Wtf I got a Zorark coin?!

PipPlays says:


Go Krazy With Krish says:

I want burning shadow or coin

poket smack down says:

I want the coin

Anneka Daley says:

Me what it I em8

Paris Taylor says:

I would like a manaphy coin manaphy is my fav pokemon

Ya Boy Guzma says:

Imagine if there was a Master Ball tin that came with a PSA Graded Pokemon Card :thinking:

Stefan Knisley says:

Why do I feel like in the last year you aged faster than I thought.

Krystel Beaulieu-Thibault says:

You do know booster packs are packed up randomly with cards of a certain series right? I got two GX or EX (don’t remember) from the same booster pack.

Mason's Videos says:

There’s nothing wrong with that pokeball

cubing freak says:

I bought one an hour ago and pulled a Charizard GX!!! You guys really should buy a tin!

PT zer0 says:

“made in china”

Epic Stuff kids says:

I got a different con

FluffyKittenSnacks says:

I bought 8 balls (Not all at the same time) and I got a Zoroark coin every time. It would be cool if they threw a random coin In every pokeball. Kind of disappointing to get the same coin every time. For me at least, but otherwise I got some pretty decent pulls.

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