New Tag Team GX Pokemon TCG Expansion Review

Donald review the new Tag Team GX Pokemon expansion coming February 2018.

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ImmaGamerGuy says:

Imagine taking down a tag team gx using unbreon ex END GAME attack O.O

joa correa says:

the cancer is here amigos

Erol Asan says:

Am I the only one who thinks that they have gone too far right now?
I mean… they kinda ruined it when they brought in the GXs…I had no problems with the EXs tho
still seemed balanced.
I don’t want this to become like Yu-Gi-Oh man
deciding the match from turn 1
It’s not fun anymore like in the old days.

EAce says:

Looks like i’m not playing this format lol

Ember power says:

exeggutor/alolan employee

Rafael says:

the new exeggutor could work with lance prisma star

Mega Magikarp says:

Woah nidoqueen hits max 290 which is 10 less on wailord

hoopydoopgoo says:

Donald, pls make Genger and Mimikyu-gx + item lock vileplume in expanded :p

JefJef Amores says:

Zekrom zeraora combo??

Ember power says:

parasect/tag team

Deconverted Man says:

Ditto + Mew tagteam would be like “We are everything” 😀

Mansmo says:

Pokemon communication? i’m happy to see it back.

Critical Hit says:

I collect Arita cards… This set is gonna hurt my wallet…

Gunplathing says:

Another broken card that will make expanded and standard events more toxic than what they are, ty Pokémon for ruining the game and making it a total mess

Francois Berube says:

Eevee&Snorlax-GX Tagteam in my Ninja Box deck and it is going to be so OP. Watch me donk and stall before i launch the big hits.

Tyler Kwong says:

My dream of having a Mew GX/Prism Star is completely destroyed 🙁 Not even a regular mew… so so so disappointed 🙁

Btw, I think Sabrina can act like a pseudo Tapu Lele for non-GX and beast box decks, with no bench liability.

InASkyFortress says:

Wait was that Vrains music?

NPC Pika96 says:

Fk tag team’s bs power of friendship
Fk pokemon company

MrGunnar177 says:

Rain dance finally back in standard. Awesome

Tiago Alves Silva says:

That ninetales is perfect match to Naga/Blacephalon

everett Power says:

Do an A Electropower deck

Hayden Perkins says:

Super disappointed with the Tag Team Eevee. With all the hype around the Let’s Go’s, It’s the perfect time for an Eevee GX. But instead of capitalizing on Eevee’s uniqueness of evolution and typing, they pair it with Snorlax and give it a secondary role of just the cheer on attack. Huge opportunity wasted for something like an Eevee/Arceus Tag Team, with typing based on energy attached and/or attacks based on energy types. It’s fine if that’s OP because the all Tag Team cards are, and it would mirror the ‘Pikachu + legendary of same type’ format.

Alonso Leiva says:

Ese aerodactyl conchetumadre ❤️

Painjusu Nashi says:

11:40 music? I forgot it.. idk y 🙁

Deconverted Man says:

three prizes – geez. these are like the Legend cards but easier to play. Crazy stuff. Hey, by the way I sent you a deck idea on facebook, hope you can make it happen 😀

Bobbolo Faraglia says:

2028: 10000HP basic pokemons

Logan Foster says:

This will make Ultra Necrozma, and Blacephalon even more popular.

DerGremlin says:

So if you use Sabrinas Suggestion and your Opponent has one too, can you do an infinite combo?

DKQuagmire says:

the only card out of the entire set i want is pokemon communication. the last print of this card was 7 years ago.
the card is busted in lost march. so your hand is full of jumpluff, or you drew a jumpluff of your prizes. p-com can shuffle it away so skiploom can use its ability. (as long as you have another pokemon in your deck)

TheAquaPiplup says:

Most of the tag teams are bad Eg. C&V is weak to blacephalon which is running rampant, G&M is weak to zoroark which won laic, S&E is weak to Buzzwole. L&L is weak to A.Nine which is seeing exorbitant amounts of play. The only viable tag teams are W&M and G&S but both have high energy requirements W&M would be used for stalling but other than that it’s bad. G&S also has difficult energy requirements for the GX. The regular attack for the aforementioned is also has strange energy costs as you need to attach 3 energy while gardevoir GX secret spring exists you also have to take into account that it is a stage 2.

Edward Rodriguez says:

And getting both kabutops with em is really hard without benching a lele or playing alolan Ninetales which puts you at 3 on the bench not to mention your attacker so this is pretty easily played around

Richard Rothenbach says:

not sure if you said it but might appreciate a shout out for using their site.

Mega Magikarp says:

You have kabutops in the active? Let me Guzma! Oh wait. No supporters. (Rise of escape ropes)

Alfred Dickison says:

Thanks for the update Donald! You rock!

Gonçalo Ferreira says:

help ,what is that song around 8m? its bugging me i cant place it.wait,is it from yugioh?

Aharon Gordon says:

That Aerodactyl can’t be in a theme deck, that boy would be broken. It will one shot literally everything with 0 drawbacks.

Tim Tran says:

Now I just wanna see an expanded deck of wailord with a fighting fury belt tanking in with 340 hp

Roy DM says:

beedrill + hoppa. I win.

Winfred Pham says:


Deconverted Man says:

Muscle Pad + Magikarp & Wailord-GX I HAVE 350 hp roar.

Charles F. says:

You could combo that Lavender Town with the Primeape with Wreck – look at your opponent’s hand, then discard it so your opponent can’t look at your hand.

Sora Satoshi says:

idk gardi tag feel kinda lackluster compare to the other one but will see how things play out in the jp scene.

Alex Geskus says:

What is the websites name ?

Edward Rodriguez says:

Omnystar is a nice balanced card it’s item lock but its a stage 2 and can be guzmad

8Bitkasper says:

Victini and celebi ?

Chaos Buster12 says:

Also, I heard that Maxie is banned in expanded due to these Fossil mons

CIO Furinone says:

Alolan Exeggutor + lance = another toxic deck in expanded

Kiryoku Gaming says:

When does this set come out? Nidoking and queen deck, yes please

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