Nightmarch vs Gallade / Octillery – Expanded Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Nightmarch vs Gallade / Octillery on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this gameplay video.

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Max's Hammers says:

Hello Andrew and the community,

 What do you think of Zoro/Galade (for standard)? I saw one being played at a local. Wasn’t impressed by the performance but the player in question is young. The idea of the deck sounds to me like an improvement on Oct/Galade.

Thanks for you time.

Andersen cards and collecting says:


Andy Fulcher says:

Alolan Muk, Oricorio and Karen……. 🙂

Jonathan navarro suarez says:

Looking forward your dallas regional report

SleepySnorlax 11 says:

I love this deck!!!!!

andy french says:

I know it was one in three, but I still cheered when you got that prized puzzle of time.

Andy Gonzalez says:

Anyone know a place to buy some cards ?

TrevorTheTrainer says:

Dude, you’re coming to dallas??? Dallas will be my first regional to go to. I would love to meet you, Mahone! 🙂

DatYolo says:

Hey Andrew whats a good replacement for tapu lele I’m prepping for Dallas regionals.Is it to draw more consinstiley I just need some advice because I Don’t have to much money for a tapu lele because we’re all ready paying a lot to go.I play Zorark/deciduye.

If anyone has some advice please tell me

Rusty Chickn says:

I’d like to see some zoroark lycanrock in expanded gameplay.

TheRealFatSickBoot says:

Yay Natalie! More of her on the channel please! 🙂

Pokemon Leauge Player says:

0:21 I’m so lonely, so very lonely

Toxapex385 says:

Can you do an old school deck profile for VenuCenter

Singularity says:

Boo night March lol. Always hated that deck.

Seth Kauffman says:

I havent been able to get a single card ive tried getting on PTCGO recently by trading packs… I also have 2 Premium Collection codes (the full art N box), and this kid tried telling me last night that he’d trade me a Lycanroc GX FA for it because its only worth $5…. I just cant seem to find serious traders. I have almost 100 Shining Legends, 150+ other various code cards, and i just cant get the cards i need to build Buzzwole/Lycanroc…

Zaire Smith says:

use your necrozma / garbodor deck

Mega Serperior says:

Hey Andrew did you hear about how Micheal long cheated in Memphis

nodrules2 says:

I noticed that Gardevoir is mysteriously absent from the Memphis regional championships. Is the deck still viable or was it banned/removed or did something else happen?

Omer Oguzoglu says:

I’ve always wanted to try to play Pokémon, I’ve been a collector for awhile, just never had anyone to play with .-.

Isaac Omlor says:

So I just started to get in to pokemon TCG. I would love to see a buying guide for new players who aim to be competitive. GreaT videos though!

Pokémon lover Reviews says:

Can’t wait to see you at Dallas your my favorite tcg player

Richard Halsall says:

This whole match I was waiting to see your opponent Karen once you had 3 compressors gone lol. Your opponents deck was interesting

Tim Melton says:

Obv. Night March gets a lot of hate, but the deck is honestly pretty fascinating – ever since it rose to prominence, it stayed there to a ridiculous degree. Even when the archetype has a target on its back at every major event where its legal, even when TCPi prints numerous cards essentially meant to “counter” its strategy, NM still dominates the competition. That kind of raw power and consistency is impressive imo

Also, your interactions with Natalie were a lot of fun – you should definitely consider having her and other “co-hosts” on the channel more often! 🙂

Stars Clash Gamer says:

Andrew i would love to see tcg matches between natalie and mikey

Brian Sciarratta says:

Andrew your content has helped to make me a far better player. I’m relatively new to the tcg and look forward to seeing your content most everyday. Keep up the great work!!! And of course congrats on the top 4 at Memphis

Jigglypoop97 says:

Dude, I remember talking to you during Philly Regionals 2013 or maybe 2014, can’t exactly remember, but I remember just hanging out and exchanging a few words with you about the format. We may have even made a trade, I want to say you had a collection of a specific Pokemon that you were looking for cards of, but I kind of just looked at you as a “regular Pokemon player” per se, but now if I were to see you at a tournament I would probably feel like I am talking to a bit of a Pokemon celebrity haha. I know nothing as changed, you’re the same guy I met back then, but I just thought it was a funny realization. Keep up the great work man!

FuFuMega says:

Seeing tabletop matches with you and Natalie testing would be really cool!

CzarsFriendCJ82 says:

Dude, if I lived in your area, I would totally test you!

Dale Reynolds says:

I am Groot

Kittykattcyborg Tcg says:

I want to see this against a trashalance

A D V G Y M says:

Zup Nats! Welcome to the squad! Drew bring Nats back!!

Number Six says:

I’ve always wanted to see this deck in action. That was crazy! That setup would have made me want to cry!

Dylan Zator says:

Thanks for posting some night march I’m also going to Dallas and trying to learn nightmarch better and this helps. You should play more nightmarch games they are really fun!

Jonathan Rincon says:

Definitely would be cool to see some tabletop games between u guys

Thomas Fitzgerald says:


Penny Branch says:

Night March: The reason I am ready for 2 rotations in standard. AKA noooooooooooooooooo way I will go against this deck.

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