Ninetales GX VS Greninja BREAK – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays his Ninetales GX deck VS Greninja BREAK in this Pokemon TCG online game play video!

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Gaming With Jason says:

I’m Playing Ninetales And Greninja. for Me I Think Greninja Is The Best Pokemon

Poke Collectors says:

Hey my dude. What’s up!! Notice me

Supreme player says:

It is good

Erik G-Money says:

Actually appreciate you showing games where you misplay and lose. It’s just more realistic haha

Young Kapp'n says:


Poke' Apocalypse says:

Hope all has been awesome!! love the game play Andrew ^_^

Jakob says:

Nine tails so hard to beat, especially if running Acerola.. its like trying to kill the same card 3 times…

Bobby Garcia says:

Andrew is bae

Captain Cab says:

Nice vid, would love to see more ninetales games, especially against Gard and Goli/garb.

rizdfn says:

Just recently got into ptcg and you’ve definitely helped me get familiarized with all the decks that the people are playing. Looking forward to more vids! 🙂

tarot nerd says:

yeah ninetales is so cute

Adrian Michalski says:


Gaming With Jason says:

Hey Andrew Can U Make A Post Rotation Greninja Deck Pls I Really Love That Deck But I don’t Know What To Play

Ruylo says:

Can you post the decklist because you are using turtonator gx but how many? xD

Ayush Gupta says:

That’s staryu not starmie

Baja says:

RIP the wiff at the end xD

Doug Ewing says:

Since you almost decked out in this game I thought this would be a good video to ask this question on. During an IRL game are you allowed to count how many cards are remaining in your deck? Online you have the counter so you can always see how many cards are left, but a little while ago I was playing at a league challenge and I used Colress for 12 cards and I only had 11 in my deck so I ended up losing. If I would have been aware how many cards were in my deck I would not have done that.

The Gaming Masters says:

Do you use Gunshoos gx more than the second octillery and giratina really want to know BTW very cool vid

Harinder Kaur says:


Masterex Gamers says:


guderrin says:

I appreciate you uploading the video despite losing, even editing in your comment about your misplay in your last hand. Very good content Mr. Mahone, keep it up!

Khold Frostbite says:

Hey I’m early! I love the content you bring to the channel Andrew! Keep it up! It was you who got me into competitive and I hope to see you keep going strong!

generalgrog says:

why would you tapu lele for sycamore

Primal Swampy says:

Can you try to find a Metagross Gx battle with this deck? I’m taking a version of this deck to a major event, and am wanting a good strategy for weakness

TheGame says:

I am Groot

Ayush Gupta says:

On bench there is no greninja
They are frogedier

Marseel Atiyah says:


Lvl X Gaming and Pokemon! says:

100th like YAY!

Holy Moley Quacamole its Pokemon Superfan says:

Andrew maybe try to add a starmie

PTCGAndy says:

i built the same deck and got 3rd at a league cup

Nitrous says:

Maybe include an energy retrieval?

Joshua Trevino says:

Great match bro, u will get em next time!

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