November 1, 2015 Trade Binder – Pokemon Trading Card Game

We don’t send first

– Shaymin EX (ROS)
– Old EX’s
– Lvl Xs
– Gold Trainer Mails
– FA Manectric’s
– Other Secret Rares



Gruodon to

Anthony Dixon says:

What can i have for a Gardevoir GX.

Christian Dominguez says:

can i have it

boost moblie says:

Can we buy it

John LeBeau says:

I want genesect EX for 2 greningas normal! pleeeeeeese!

Lim Wen Jun says:

Where did you get the Pokémon book

Pokemon ex zekrom Deoxys fam says:

Fuck you nikker

Sonia Rodriguez says:

Can you send me your hole cards please

Furry killer says:

I have 8 legendaries ill tell them shiny old entei limited edition two special different shiny white kyurems raquaza and a shiny virizion and a shiny special red attack manaphy with shiny keldeo

Carol Dale says:

I won’t it ples

Pokemoncards and stuff says:

Where do you send

Jeffrey Gonzales says:

How much

pokey dad and son caydyn says:

You still have Pokemon to trade

Doremon 2017 says:

I will trade some thing for blastoise ex

Tiny moose games says:

I’m a BUTTERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian Medrano says:

can I have one of them

Rip Xxxtentacion says:

I’ll trade you my charzard for ur mewto

roblox and says:

love the channel

Camilo Guzman says:

steelix for rayquaza

Jeffrey Gonzales says:

I want them sll

Joshua Jessop says:

do you still have eney of the darkrai exs left i need tow would you trade then both for an anshant mew?

Bowser Jr says:

can i have blastoise

Pokemaster 22 says:

I will trade that charizard ex full art

Angel Mayo says:

I trade with you for my blastoise with vaporeon and guierados in the back ground

10alphadog01 says:

Hey what can I trade something for a silver or gold card

Pokemon ex zekrom Deoxys fam says:

#charizard ex

pokemon pokemon says:

Sens i got my cards stolen can i have all ov them

Efrain Figueroa says:

Can I trade my entei gx for sharpedo?

Ashley Mills says:

How do we trade

Andre Cano says:

If you have waillord ex card can I have it

sexi benja says:

te cambio una mega evolución y una Expo agro Don mega ex

power ful says:

I’ll trade you my Beer at GX for Mega Charzard and Darkri ex and Dexoys EX

Bluetrainer91 FireBlast says:

You did this on my birthday lol

Chris Rodriguez says:

Are you still trading

Mirlene Salgado says:

I will give you a nintales for charzard

Isaiah Rodriguez says:

And they are all ex and a ex reagasa

Ana Ribas says:

can. i. have here. Pokon

Pokemon ex zekrom Deoxys fam says:

Trade my m mewto ex plz

roblox and says:

gotta catch um all

Jeffrey Gonzales says:


Anthony Dixon says:

can I have the Jolteon

Axel Castillo says:

I will trade you my tyranitar full art for golden dialga


Dragonite and kyrem deoxes mega charzard x and y and ditto

Isaiah Rodriguez says:

I want to trade you ash grninja

Ryan Parker says:

I want all of them for trading


And primal kyoger

Pokemon trainer says:

I’m trying to get all charizard

ThatCanadian Kid says:

Started collecting 8 months ago and I have 45 ex Gx mega

Nancy Quintana says:

can I have a mew

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