Opening 44x Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Packs with HI-LIGHT MONTAGE!

Andrew Mahone opens 44 Pokemon Trading Card Game packs on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this digital booster pack opening video. Make sure to check out the sweet hi-light reel at the end and the new LIMITED EDITION Derium’s Crew playmat in the online store! What kind of sweet legendary Pokemon will Andrew pull today?! Watch and find out!


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George Hanson says:


Number Six says:

I’ve always wondered if the contents of the PTCGO pack are pre-determined and linked to the code card, awaiting redemption or if they are randomly generated each time you open one.

Deadlie Hellings says:

The best pokechannel ever

Ash - Ishaan says:

The hi-light was great!!
Or should I say *busted*

Jorge Rodriguez says:

MAHONE man you make a bad day good Thats my dawg nice stuff card

Josh Daoust says:

You bore me. Not digging this guy anymore

GaMe PlAYer21 says:

I loved your videos

no2kkk says:

I find it super hilarious hearing you call Zeraora a new pokemon LOL – i’m a mod on a Pixelmon server and pixelmon has had Zeraora in the pack for like 3 or so months already… he looks pretty sweet to be fair. When I was saying its name in convo to my Pokemon GO buddies they kept thinking I was talking about Zoroark 😛

Icicle says:

are they rich? just curious lol cos they get so many products of tcg stuff

Dominik says:

Got the gold solgaleo (there are SR energy unit energy)

Nova1080 says:

I like how Andrew basically kept calling Zeraora “Zorua”

ma miron says:

Also The montage is EVERYTHING!!!! Please add that to all online opening. I really dug the montage!

PCourie: Stuck in Alohaville says:

I ordered a playmat!

Extra Chromosome Aleks says:

ayyyyy ohhhhhh

shadow838290 says:


Green demon says:

17th coment

OrcLord says:

sick pulls. damn I love those rainbow rares 🙂

Garrik McConnell says:

Montage is a great idea!

TheBacoNation says:

OMG LOVE THE MONTAGE good job my dude!!!!



Green demon says:


ma miron says:

Loving all these online pack openings 🙂

Offical Pokémail says:

Escape board!!

Brandon Jeffi says:

Reaction to Cyrus compared to all the others was priceless XD

A D V G Y M says:

Highlight was LIT!

JustOneKidTM says:



The name of the revealed Pokemon zeraora

Luke Harrison says:

The montage was busted

Mystic 64 says:

Why’s Dan in Washington?

Supreme player27 says:

Good video

Jacob Vipperman says:

i wish i could open packs like that i need more steam siege for my Mega Gardevoir deck DX

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Loved the montage.

Noel Kelly says:

I bought the play mat yesterday <3

JackEffenBauer says:

montage was awesome lol

Jorden Tenacious says:

Hold on, lemme get my virtual sleeves


Pyre Dynasty says:

Oh come on, you don’t love mouse turd yellow?

Keagen Schallon says:

I pre-ordered a playmat. I’m really excited to get it!

Diego Benevides says:


Michael Jackson 2.0 says:

Open ten darkrai shining legends please

Luke Harrison says:

Hey I bought the Derium’s play mat and I was wondering if it would get here a lot sooner if I Can doesn’t sign it.

Slender Train says:

Nice pulls

Pokemon Fan 2.0 says:

I don’t really like the online ones but I am happy to watch them u r amazing

Matt Gregg says:

Was hoping for more Crimson Invasion so you could get some Secret rare Water energies.

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