Opening 8x Pokemon TCG: Snoooorlax Collection Boxes

The Snorlax-GX Box was released on December 14, 2016, the Snorlax-GX Box came with the SM Black Star Promotional Snorlax-GX as both a regular and Jumbo card, a Retro style XY Promo Snorlax, as well as four booster packs and a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

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Fabledkev says:

Here’s some TCG booster pack codes! I don’t play the online game anyway if they don’t work then someone already took them!



Sri Harish says:


Antonio Rojas says:


Megaman says:

Pancake smasher!!!!!

Corey Grassmid says:

Its 53 degrees out here (Holland, MI)

ブランドン死神 says:

Team Moon

Antoni Mazurek says:


CheesyGiratina says:

I opened 10 of those once, because it’s the only thing I asked for Christmas lol

Luke Brunckhorst says:

On my b-day I got one of those and my break through pack had a full art mega glalie ex (snorlax and glalie are my fav pokemon)

Adin Hewell says:

I got a Charizard in this box

Avari TV says:

I fell behind in content cause of college, but what happened to Dan?

Eve Akopyan says:

Watching before school lol

Pokémon Master says:

Can we still trade our bulk for a boster box

Diamond Kingmen says:

I love the video

jack brett says:

5 minutes and the codes are all gone 🙁

Andre Maderazo says:

i guess lol 22th

MrZinomoney Benjamin says:


Isaac Rieke says:

When you show off your jumbo cards, show your Eevee collection.

brave the wolf says:

Woah what? The snorlax gx box never had any sun and moon packs??? I dont remember that?

Ethan Alan says:

I love your vids and I like them too

Jeremiah says:

Mikey, every single time Derium opens Fates packs he always says “Well at least we could get a secret rare alakazam” and then you just casually hit it with barely a recation XD. So fun.

Sibas_king 85 says:

Please put in some backround music

Migrafrai 22 says:


BlazekenBKK says:

Yes 100th like

L T says:

Whats up guys

Nightmarish Z says:


waffuhz says:

It’s a shame Mega Audino never got a full-art after the surprise win at Worlds.

Thomas Digmann says:

When are the hunt for videos coming back?

Antoni Mazurek says:


Sam Wilcox says:


Kylie Cowling says:

Nice packs

Diamond Kingmen says:


Harinder Kaur says:


Chase Timm says:

8th comment

Soccer Skiller07 says:

Watch soccerskiller07 Pokémon collection 2018 plz! and Black Ops 2 Zombies Song,e player!

Nini de Guzman says:

431th viewer

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Pretty nice pulls from 5 boxes, awesome stuff guys. (:

Exxessive Battler Victor// Blue Wave Marshal Valeos says:

this was made before sun & moon so there is no sun & moon packs, this is the 1st GX pokemon ever made

Xiavania says:

I like longer videos like this and I love Mikey so this video is a win-win!

Im_Not_Mozart says:

With this Pedo shit I hope real dan comes back.

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