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Today we are helping PewDiePie stay as the number 1 most subscribed YouTuber because it looks like that soon PewDiePie will be over taking on YouTube by T-Series an indian YouTube Channel. So to defeat T-Series I am literally going to open 3 Booster Boxes worth of Pokemon Cards. PEWDIEPIE VS T-SERIES

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Captain says:

red power rangers eat whole wheat bread

Puppet and Plush Productions says:

red power rangers eat whole wheat bread

Alex Yu says:

A do I know why there no alternative card,there going to be a tin with them

john hetcel says:

i opend a pack and my rare was a lapras!

xinmei wang says:

He did his part

Zach Watrous says:

The Rainbow Rares can be done, I’ve pulled 2 Magikarp&Wailord, a Latias&Latios, Celebi&Venusaur of the Tag Team cards, and as well as an Ampharos. With 14 other full art Pokémon/trainer/trainer supporter cards from the Team Up packs.

Dr Cookie says:

Red power rangers eat whole wheat bread

dronicX says:

Always the red power rangers eating that whole wheat bread, hm? XD

limon salmon says:

Ganó o perdió

[A2]Awesome2345 says:

Red Power Rangers Eat Whole Wheat Bread

Tapu Mizu says:

Red power rangers eat whole meal bread

faith hall says:

i would only sub to u if u stop the hate with Markiplier and terreptoson and when u do stop the hate i will sub

The Coolest B0i says:

My guy,i like all the openings.but could you please do anything except team-up,you have kinda overused them and they dont feel special

Stacia Simonsen says:

what is this and no i won’t sub

Phade102 says:

Lets face facts here, Pewdiepie is using this whole situation just to boost his revenue. he doesnt care about any of his fans.

Christian Clemente says:

Pewdiepie! Pewdiepie!

Caitlin Gray says:

Holy aunt Jemima

MrPorkchop 89 says:

Red power rangers eat whole meal bread

WWEfan Gamer says:

I have got a rr tag team card and it is evee and snorlax

bunny lover#1 says:

Give me pokemon cards like 333

Christopher Madrigal says:

Not subscribing for that at all!



Randomness Gamer says:

I love subscribing to pewdiepie I dont even watch him anymore

Kenneth Durell says:

Red Power Ranger eat white whole bread

Noah Alexander says:

Do more evolutions.

LeRedDerp! says:

I’m already subbed

pewds mrbeast supporters says:

I hate tseries

Patchy Bigfoot says:

Red Power rangers eat whole wheat bread

Gabriel Zaragoza says:

What if your subbed to both *I am only subbed to pewds btw!!

Sean Smith says:

I reported the video yay of T-Series

Courtney Thornton says:

This Red Power Ranger watched whilst playing Tetris 99! Wish we could have gotten better pulls but still good video.

Otis Wood says:

Pewdiepie is dead to me, I hate him, he destroys memes I love.

damon plays games says:

Red Power Rangers Eat whole wheat bread

NoobGaming 0405 says:

i have 24 EX Cards

Raven playss says:

Does Ando even play the Pokémon card game tho

Wr robots challenge says:

Hey T series is the best. all Indians should support T series…T series rocks

Wonka's Splat Corner says:

Whats that music after pulling that cobalion full art?

Vincent Saraza says:

Red Power rangers eat whole wheat bread

SOVIET leader of botswana and G U A M Yakko says:

This video is 0 seconds long

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