Opinion – Optimal Shuffling Techniques Pokemon TCG

Andrew Mahone discusses optimal shuffling techniques for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Then, Andrew Mahone shows how to perform a riffle and a bridge shuffle maneuver with sleeved Pokemon Cards.


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Number Six says:

So I’ve been thinking about this a bit and here’s my 2 cents in favor of both riffle and card preservation. If Pokemon produces cards that they know are going to have high after market value because they are required to play at a high level but also want to encourage fair play (at least through proper shuffling) and accessibility, then why don’t they allow proxies for those cards if you can present them as being in your possession? Make is so you have to check the cards in for them to hold so people don’t just keep presenting the same physical cards over and over again. It seems like you could use the Lele from the Worlds decks to proxy for the real thing as long as you use sleeves with opaque backs.

aznpanda510x says:

Lol this look cool but i don’t wanna bend the cards

Aidan Cantrell says:


FluroLemon says:

andrew you should do a tabletop match

ChaosGallade says:

I haven’t played the physical Pokemon TCG in years and haven’t played Yu-Gi-Oh as often as I would’ve liked, but I don’t use riffle shuffling on trading cards because I’m paranoid of damaging the cards themselves too quickly.

John Morton says:

Can anyone explain the bridge a little better? I can get them bent the right way, but they just stick there and don’t “spring up” as it was mentioned in the video. What am I doing wrong here?

JurassicComedy says:

Riffle is pretty hard when you have a fat deck thats double sleeved.

CheesyGiratina says:

I dont really like to shuffle my cards, because there is a chance that the cards will bend that way.

Tijn Hollanders says:

I mash shuffle but i dont push the cards down (putting them 1 by 1) i “open” the bottom pile and let the top pile fall into the bottom pile, moving my hand from top to bottom. This has more randomness than pushing them, and does not damage them. I agree that you can cheat by looking at your deck.

Bobby Brankiewicz says:

If you’re not interested in preserving the quality of the cards, what’re sleeves for? Just shuffle feel?

NothinButGear says:

wow 23 minutes just to show people how to shuffle a deck of cards lol

PirateDave89 says:

Numberphile in the description box! Awesome!

joshua walker says:

The riffle should be mandatory for competitive play.

Zach Miller says:

Hey Andrew, whats your opinion on hindu shuffling? Do you feel its a shady way to shuffle? Do you feel its an effective way to randomize your deck? Im curious what your take is on it

Kornith says:

Yeah sorry I will never, never ever shuffle any other way than mash shuffling. I am a collector who plays, who takes great value in the cards I play with. It really hurts to see you bending those cards like that. Also, sounds like you have had a lot of trouble with cheaters and that sucks. I’ve been lucky so far in the matches I’ve played I guess.

Austin Mullis says:

Statisticians is way different than statusticians… statusticians are not a real thing

Zero Ace says:

_Why Riffle Shuffle when I can Riffle Stack_

Also, that’s a Shotgun Shuffle, it fucks up your cards, and unlike Yugioh and Magic, knowing what your cards are through the sleeves (From the bends) can in fact give you information that you shouldn’t have, and influence your plays and (what should be) random decisions

MaiHead says:

A drinking game: Take a shot whenever he mentions that riffiling is the most optimal way of shuffling.
Nice video, but way too long. This should’ve been 5 mins at most. No reason to repeat yourself that many times lol.
Personally i dont riffle my cards because i wanna keep them in good shape, so i just mash my deck instead. You can be irresponsible with the condition of your cards and call it whatever you like (being optimal etc.). But a lot of players can’t afford to buy a new set of Leles every 3 months because they’ve been destroyed due to excessive riffling. Also, cards that are too bent can show when you place your deck facedown and can be used to stack your deck, just to let you know. So even though riffling is the most “optimal” way of randomizing your deck, doesn’t mean it should be enforced at locals or bigger tournaments. I’ll be happy to give my opponent all the time they need to mash / cut my deck after i’m done shuffling it. But i would kindly ask them not to riffle it simply due to me having put a lot of money to build the deck. And no, i dont use full arts at tourneys either, but Leles are already quite pricey by themselves even as regular arts.

freq says:

riffle shuffle will fuck your deck and cards…so sad for your money if you are nt rich of crse

PokeCrafter02 says:

Lol I’m wondering what deck he is using to showcase this

Simon Axelsson says:

Pokémon kr?

Anthony Lopez says:

Looker will be for cheaters…

Chad Richardson says:

Completely irrelevant to the video, but where do you get those energy cards?

Jefe Lofton says:

In favor of the mash shuffling technique, as a commander/EDH Magic: the Gathering player, trying to ruffle a 100 card deck is quite painful and slow. As well as it’s an unspoken rule to, while mash shuffling, to look away from the decks while shuffling

swellowtail says:

Any tips on shuffling if you have smaller hands? I’m trying to learn riffle but its just difficult for me to hold on to all the cards while shuffling.

curtis bostick says:

I’ll pile shuffle and take each pile, mash shuffle it, and introduce a new pile one at a time into the mash. I make sure to hold the bottom of the deck toward my hand as to not look at the cards and watch the back closely in the off chance that I drop one or flip one upside down by mistake.

Franco Gonzalez says:

What are the best sleeves to riffle shuffle with??

93desousa says:

This is why I play online

Dwood says:

When you mash shuffle you can have your deck face the other way so you don’t see any of the cards. It is possible to mash and not see anything.

Jurrac Guiaba says:

Riffle Shuffling isn’t optimal for protecting cards, never gonna do it

Kevin Wu says:

Mahone, why do you bother to sleeve your cards at all? Has any competitor player ever go nude? Is it even legal for competitive play? Are you able to riffle nude cards? thanks for the vid..

NomisK1 says:

I recommend practicing this with normal playing cards for poker or such so your cards dont get destroyed while you learn the tequnique!

Kat Lynch says:

By why bend and damage the cards with that shuffle?

Mark Vana says:

I love ruffles

Isaac C says:

Could you do a vidio on sleeves I prefer eclipse sleeves but I want to know which is say, smoother shuffler, protects the cards etc. and your opinion.

LostPride says:

You should explain the positives and negatives of double sleeving (perfect fits and regulars or outer sleeves too) and the effects it has on shuffling.

Kaihong Tan kai hong says:

Disses the best uuuuuuuuuuuuùuuupo the best

BOGONO says:

That’s not optimal – Mew2King

andrew smith says:

The stage 1, 2 and 3 go together like a jigsaw

Grimmbae - ssu says:

I’ve just started the game and I mash shuffle. I shuffle big piles, smaller piles, and half piles. I try to keep it as random as possible and I always look away from my deck. If someone riffled my deck I think I would cry.

RiouInsuiko says:

While I appreciate the information in this video. For casual play, honestly, I would rather shuffling be done much more quickly and ‘less randomly’ and accept the chance that there may be a higher chance of cheating because of stacked decks than spend half of any given match shuffling cards. For casual play I don’t think it’s important to be so thorough. For a tournament, sure.

Alif Masron says:

Such an informative video and I’ll definitely try to implement riffle shiffling while playing. But what sleeves do u usually use that makes riffle shuffling comfortable? I use Ultimate Guard matte but am curious to which will be the best when riffle shuffling

Hawkfreeze says:

I can only do the matte shuffle, because I have a disability that affects my coordination, so I cannot riffle shuffle. What would you suggest for someone like me?

Kaihong Tan kai hong says:

And you are not responsible okay for doing poke mon card

Ok the best of Pokemon Owner

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