Panda Plays Pokemon – Trading Card Game Matches & Battling Subs! LIVE STREAM RECAP


Thanks for watching, everyone. I hope you enjoyed!
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Nathan Hobbs says:

O H I O that buckeye squad

FockeWulfStudios says:

Europe is a shithole, I’d recommend staying as far away as possible

Jacob parker says:

7:11 isn’t that your channel?

Jarrod Spruill says:

i watched you stream this and i have all ways wanted to learn how to play so i downloaded the game which i love playing but i got a mega mewtwo and i have the mewtwo deck pack so how do i play mega mewtwo with that deck lol

Jayden Middleton says:

#panda won

jordon fillmore says:

bruh when that dude told panda he was annoying, panda turned into a savage

Kimberly Alvarado says:

I love that jiggly is doing this because i love pokemon and jiggly is more calm

Sub to my new channel thnxs its papa rochy says:

Whats this called

Juan Cisneros says:

Pls make more videos of Pokemon tcg online

Ryuthawolfie gaming says:

panda you should definitely help beginners getting into pokemon by like suggesting decks or builds, or just showing good builds in general

Gamingg Phoenix says:

Anthony I have a lot of Pokémon tcg codes that I want to send you plz follow me on twitter @Gamingg_Phoenix so that I can dm you the codes 🙂

Card Creature says:

you should play like with real cards and not online and just rage and flip the table and when you doing fan mail

HarryPG says:

school done today

Dark Phantom says:

Hi everyone you are my favorite YouTuber

My little murloc says:

I missed it

Lioni Wilkinson says:

#latecrewwhomissedthestreamandgortotheposyedvideolate WHERE YOU AT!

Ant Man says:

2,800 liker!

The Smoking Skull says:

That moment when you realize you’ve watched Anthony for years and were never subscribed to him…

Glen Arnold says:

more please

Rick Nanninga says:

Who is James ?

Ewan Fraser says:

jiggly play crystal and Tyler plays silver and you to versus each other after you get 8 gym badges then you battle

Wolfblade 333 says:

nice!! I like it

The Ultimate Sin says:

Finnaly a game anthony wins

Anthony Dunne says:

10/10 love your stream man!

harambe is watching says:

anthony show us your foot reveal

Ben says:

i knew i was a noob. msg not referring to me but applicable

The Delusional Seal says:

I’ve always wanted to play this but I never could quite get my head around this since I have the focus of a 2 yr old I see a butterfly I will watch that shit till I remember what I was doing

Michael S. says:

please do more of this!!!

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