Passimian / Mew vs Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Passimian / Mew vs Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX in this new Forbidden Light format Pokemon Trading Card Game Online match. Can Passimian trump this proven archetype? Watch an find out!

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Messy Mespirt says:

what is your email address because I have a bunch of code cards for you to redeem

Ben Dobberstein says:

I was playing this all day yesterday and the buzzwole matchup is just so free

Gaming With Jason says:

Damn I saw my fren playing with the legend mahone

Cubone Club says:

Thanks for posting these. It’s a great resource for myself and others who want to get into competitive.

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

This deck has always reminded me of bench damage gyarados. In which you have to revive one after each tun.

Riley Hulbert says:

“Good players draw what they need” – Riley Hulbert, 2017 (on deck building for Dallas regionals)

Jaskwad Dudes says:


Tyler Kwong says:

Somehow I find it enjoyable to see Buzzwole got bullied (back) LOL

Richie Rich says:


Znore's Pokemon says:

Andrew do u reply to dms? I have some questions to ask yoi

tasos basiadimas says:


Adam Holtzman says:

As someone who has tested a lot of passimian since ultra prism, there’s a couple things I wanna touch base on:

1. It’s not the ability lock garb that kills you, it’s trashalanche. Finding field blower isn’t hard of you play 2-3, and the 3-4 brooklet can deal with parallel. Trashalanche garb will auto win against your deck if you let one garb take two prizes. If it only takes one, you’ll beat it because of the stage 1 vs basic mechanic.

2. The deck’s biggest weakness is big basics. You have a hard time dealing with Ho-Oh, Dusk Mane, Ultra Necrozma with a Beast Energy, Zygarde EX and GX. Any big basics you don’t hit for weakness. Lele is also annoying because your damage is capped at 150 with passimian>band>diance, and 160 with mew>band.

3. I think the counter energy version is worse as opposed to the 4DCE version, because you only play it for sudowoodo to return ko big basics. Otherwise, you cut all three cards for more consistency cards like a second Special Charge, a third Field Blower, a fourth Float Stone, more Nest Ball basically anything that helps make sure you see passimian>DCE every turn.

4. (In response to the first turn) If you see all three passimian in deck, 1-1 octopus line, 1 mew, and 3 DCE, NEVER Gladion. Discard them with ultra ball, sycamore them, do anything besides using them. The card is only good to get out your combo pieces, and if your combo pieces are already in deck, then Gladion is useless. Sure you can use it if you get a free turn, i.e. If your opponent does take a ko that turn, and you already have a charged attacker, but other than that it’s not worth playing it down.

gravesaw says:

Man that was nuts

Usama Muhammad says:

Could’ve Guzma then retreat for that last knockout there. No need to sycamore and rip the stretcher. Still a good game though, thanks always for the entertaining content Mahone.

elfslayer81 says:

Mahone, if you ever make a busted playmat I will buy two instantly, a future etsy project perhaps

And love the gameplay, always wondered how the passimian matchup will be vs the op meta deck

Brandon Jeffi says:

Idk if that game was representative, Mahone, cause you got some serious god-tier draws

aaac89 Life says:

The opponent should have used Lycanroc GX, not Buzzwole

Lumi Asagi says:

Palkia GX (both) Troll Deck!

GuidoDirven says:

oke thats fine yeah thats cool ok allright fantastic drinking game! <3

Soul Arcrasa says:

That Guzma at the end was just really stupid lol

Matthew Suchan says:

Today’s my Birthday and Passimian/Mew is my absolute favorite (competitive) deck! This video came at the perfect time. hah. I can teach you how to play it, too. Or at least I can show you my list.

PokemonTCG Lover says:

5th comment 4th like! Love these meme kind of decks!

Dark Shadow123 says:

Yesterday at Riley’s stream I said you were going to win Toronto with this deck.maybe it’s true?

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