Pikachu EX / Magnezone VS Gardevoir GX – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays his Pikachu EX / Magnezone deck versus Gardevoir GX on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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Ansr7 says:

Is this standard? I thought Bridget was out already. Or is Bridget steam siege

DrWHO626 says:

i use a kingdra ex instead of a pikachu ex and it demolishes everything.

Mark Herman says:

Great video! It would be cool to see you do a video with the solgaleo deck.

Turbo 117 says:


Bryan Thompson says:

Awesome win. Love the deck.

Supreme player says:

Good video

Matthew says:

Lol you forgot to edit the last 30 seconds or so out

tarot nerd says:

cute mew card in that beck

TrEZaaKamE says:

Your reactions are so- how do you put it, pumped, I hope you don’t act like that in real-life, ANDREW!!

Alan Castellanos says:

Ayyy let’s get it love these videos

Number Six says:

Not just a cool rogue, but a rogue deck with 2 backup plans!

BladeteErHer says:

lol, played this deck 1 year ago :p

Gameknight708 says:

1st for the lols and i love the channel

Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

This will be my last Pikachu ex entry for a little while, doing more filming tonight with everything I learned over the past weekend at the League Cups, let me know if you have any requests and I’ll see what I can do! I still plan on creating an official Pikachu deck profile, but anyone interested in the list until then can check it out in my League Cup Vlog!

pokeball madness says:

74th like!

JustAnotherPokeDad says:

One of my pals played this deck at League Cup.this past weekend. I had to dro and rush back in to work (boo real life!l) But i hear he mad he top 8, so this mught just be a thing! I was going to profile a similair deck on my channel today! Wow!

Sam Carpenter says:

You’re using a Magneton now?

Invader Sqwid says:

Really looking forward to this deck profile! Heavily considering buying this deck

Jaskwad Dudes says:


Jaskwad Dudes says:


Jose Torres says:

I really like this deck. What’s your opinion on a pure Koko GX deck? I that it has great potential as well.

TheGame says:

I am Groot

sharifanta says:

my phone didn’t have charge so i didn’t get notification

Eeveelutions8 says:

Do you have a decklist for this as I want to try it out myself?

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