Pokemon TCG Online Tournament and Pack Opening – Vika Ray

Andrew Mahone plays Vikavolt / Rayquaza GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video!

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Tanish Sachdeva says:

I loved the video a lot. Alset for lost thunder. I think blacephalon and lost march will definitely change the meta. But still vikaray would be I think equally dominating. Many new playable cards from lost thunder are coming to make the current meta fresh. Best of luck for your future mahone.

Adam TCG says:

Love your VikaRay deck.

MiniMads says:

Andrew, you pulled a Secret Rare Gyarados at 14:15 and didn’t even realise!

MingTube says:

nice video, nice pokemon tcg pack opening

Faizan Mughal says:


neoepochx says:

Hey Andrew, Styx from TTM is looking for more people to play Legacy.

Riley Hulbert says:

Last ride with Vikaray, loses to Altaria LUL

Tyghe Grainger says:


ucsbrandon says:

Put an order in to Full Grip games for some singles I needed recently and was not disappointed, they’re legit. Great selection/inventory, fair prices and quick shipping. Definitely will be putting another in for Lost Thunder singles. With such a big set, going to be hard to get the cards I want in just a single booster box.

David Fischzang says:

Hey Andrew, the new baby Tapu Bulu from lost thunder looks like it could fit really well in Vika/Ray as a back up attacker. I think it fits better than Dhelmise or Shining Lugia

Josefat Vergara says:


Jeffrey Platt says:

Hey Andrew I just bought the last copy of cake pop and nagenadel I needed for the deck. From full grip games.

ForTheWinTCG says:

I think Exp. Share is something to seriously consider in VikaRay, that extra 30 damage could be the difference between a KO and not. Especially if you don’t play Choice Band.

ForTheWinTCG says:

Seeing Andrew below 1000 coins is so alien to me 0_0

JJJ MVP1 says:

can u play this with out the tapu lele? I have everything except it

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Can you please open some lost thunder packs on ptcgo? That would be amazing mahone.

ArtyFarts says:

Hey Andrew, good to see you playing in standard again!!

Mitchell Ellis says:

Dude why not Stevens first turn lmao

Bryan Woods says:

Hey we miss you at school


Can you cover duskmane necrozma

Robbie Horn says:

Why is it that Andrew always gets beats by the rouge dragon decks. First noivern gx and now altaria gx

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