Pokemon TCG Online Tournament – Buzzwole GX / Garbodor

Andrew Mahone enters a tournament on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online with Buzzwole GX / Garbodor. Watch and find out if Andrew can win some packs in this fun tournament video!

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Ben Listen says:

Nice win on the first tournament!! It makes me wonder though.. how did you get all those awesome cards if you aren’t playing tournaments? I’ve been playing for packs left and right and haven’t gotten almost anything for a standard deck.

Hadi Makki says:

Try building a zygarde gx and buzzwole gx combo deck

jeffreyromanik says:

Tournament format is the best way to compete against other competitive decks. Please do more videos like this.

K0R0SU says:

yesss <3 more tournament 3 matches and opening packs dude that's my dream <3

Eeveelutions8 says:

Nice video, I have also won the TCGO tournament a few times.

John Nguyen says:


Tim Melton says:

Usually my dad and I take a summer trip to Ocean City, MD (which isn’t far at all from Assateague Island), but this year he’s been gracious enough to let me go to Columbus for NAIC and Nashville for Worlds 😮

Mark Herman says:

I really like the tournament series!

theycallmeskinny says:

Do this more often

NDogg15 says:


STR0N says:

Can you play meme decks

LukeNeverShaves says:

Tried theme deck tournaments yesterday. Lost the first 2 in the first round and won 1st in the back to back last night.

Revolutionaire Rebel says:

No more chances to win in the tournaments for the common players: now there is Mahone online!

Brandon Dowdy says:

Nice job on second yesterday at the Nick Bailey open. Maybe if you can help me out with my deck.

Nuclearized says:

Love the tournament videos, you could potentially stream them and in between rounds you can do a Q&A?

Euler Machado says:

BUSTED! Loved this video. If you wanna do more, I will defintely watch!

Richie Rich says:


Micah Hayden says:

You seemed like you kinda mega smashed buzz roc

Feng Lovex says:

will Buzzwole still be as strong after rotation ?

Phillip Dobbe says:

I thought this video was awesome, I never get that far in a tournament so it was cool to see some play.

Nice Guy Fatz says:

Yes, more tournaments…call them road to victory or something like that

asd says:

play a tournament with Lapras.

Eggcool - minecraft and more says:

Hi, i was sad until i found this video thank you for helping me 😀

James Dockery says:

Sweet tournament win, and miss playing shows you can be human. Much love from UK

Julius Mo Stochholm Krag says:

Going to Indianapolis and Valencia

From Denmark

Sp00nRX78 says:

Old formats stream

KingArthur13th says:

didn’t know Tournaments had such short timers

Nice Guy Fatz says:

Lol! I freaked out when future Mahone was warning past Mahone

JJ Campbell says:

Loved watching tournament

ArdipithecusR. says:

buzzwole on buzzwole violence

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