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Anari XD says:

ChadFrickit is died

Racchi t t Doyle ft says:

I want kadabra

Red Demon8 says:


RainKing says:

No shadowless cards. 🙁

ChurroManNSW says:

Chadboi, you can’t even bother to show us the cards clearly, just the holos?

Alexa Jordan says:

Looking it up, there is a holo of Venusaur and Blastoise, too.

Diamond Master says:

ohhhhhhhh my god cj all you had to do was pull a charizard

Princess Kayla says:

Yes Venusaur holo card IS in the original base set with Charizard and Blastoise.

BlahNumber 72343 says:

I am the 666th like

TheKid says:

We have Squirtle vs. Fetchit

Surfing Pichu 1029 says:

It’s crazy that most Pokemon fans know more about Pokemon than people that live in a world with Pokemon!!!!

Jirai Gaming says:

who snuck a random sammy in there

Poke Kid says:

This is a really well shot video for being shot in 1999

Jamie Lawrence Brown says:

Venusaur IS in base set.

R2P2 #17 says:

Merry frickmas in july

Allyo Ranu says:

Evolutions is just a reprint of the old cards


You know it’s old when mewtwo has 60 hp

Brayden Hamilton says:

there is a venasuar holo from base set

Generic Pokemon says:

I subbed….like a year ago, on my main channel.

ClassicPlayThroughs 23 says:

Hey Chad, do you have any tips as to where you can buy cheap older Pokémon cards? Thanks, Alex

Tsuki:3 says:


Grant Gooding says:

There is a holo venusaur I have one

Amie Michael says:

u should do a ex box opening week! or show ur best exs

Denny's Lupeez says:

come on Chapstick base set holographic Venusaur is very well-known

homework ate my dog says:

venusaur had a holo in base set

Curby says:

mewtwo and pikachu have the same pose as well on the cover of the evolutions deck boxes. Cool that you had these chad

Noah Nesbitt says:

What’s with that Sammy cameo?

Sunny Pony Studios says:

hair cut???

Mighty Samurott says:

What was the sonic scene for. That confused me so much

Naya Merai says:

You should’ve just called it Retro Week.

Raven Pocky says:

why unbox these and not actually show off the cards? I know they rereleased these later but it’s neat to see what was in the old decks. doesn’t make sense to do an unboxing and not show off all the cards..

Gabino Delossantos says:

Chad unbox beyblades

Shining Knight says:

Are you in pbgs next hardcore?!?!

nuclearpeacex says:

To answer your questions, Chad:
1.Yes there’s a base set Venusar. I still have one.
2. No, there’s not a base set Hitmonlee, but he did make an appearance in fossil.

Rocky says:

There is a base set holo Venusaur. Just as a Blastoise, Charizard and Raichu too.

pew die eye says:

bro there was squirtal not worturtle

Solar System says:

I may have an old venasaur, I’ll get back to you…

Maddio Spaghettio says:

I watched a whole buzzfeed commercial for you

Brenda Brushaber says:

chadtronic can u do future week and do just sun and moon,gardeions rising

Porygon2 says:

It’s Depressionchronic

kirara2516 says:

oh man, where did you FIND THOSE?! I haven’t seen those since I was 10! and I’m 28!

bluprints says:

Never got into Pokémon when I was younger- super cool to see these vintage packs – feels like a void in my soul has been filled

Aleck says:

The ones with the tags didn’t have sticky holos was the guy you bought them from different sellers?

Diamond Master says:

i have all those holos except mewtwo

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