Pokemon Trading Card Game Battle Report, Giratina vs MewTwoEX Deck presented by One Mind Syndicate

In One Mind Syndicate`s Pokemon trading card match Gursh One plays his modified Giratina starter deck vs the Sound ALchemist`s Mew Two EX Emboar starter deck both from the recent Pokemon Black and White set. Watch as amazing Pokemon battle each other under their trainers command.

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Kid Kaizer says:

You can’t use a ex with out the actual pokemon that isn’t a ex :/

Edward Leon says:

Let battle

Elio Sfeila says:
Anthony Gonzalez says:

I whant more of this Pokemon battle because I
Love Pokemon and you know so doing it or:'(

Karla Castro says:


The lazers says:

He said Giratana? Whats that lel

William Shaw says:


Stacey JS says:

0:08 I Wanna Be The Veeery Best, Like No One Ever Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, To Catch Them Is My Real T-

Todd Cutter says:

Nice battle, but say Giritana one more time…I dare you…I double dog dare you.

lukeyyy says:

Your not saying it right

UsCousins1210108 says:

Love how 1 of my younger cousins said “I hate Pokemon! It’s the worst thing to ever live on this planet!”
Now she likes it.
Why, you ask?
1. Attention
2. My brother and I plus my two other cousins like it and we talk about it twenty four seven. She just wants “in on the action”
So she started watching X and Y out of order, my pet peeve.

Ana Pitrez says:

So eu do brasil

Mr Flippers says:

Giratina (Gi- Rah- Tee- Nah)

Rayaan Ali says:

why dose one off my cards say that charizard a basic

o1MEGA Chris says:


Sebastian Cendejas says:


A'nyla Melgar says:

The sound alcumus said 3 energies while eviolite isn’t an energy so gursh took 100 which left him with 20 because he took 10 damage from tepig

Sour Power says:

Why didn’t he attach the silver mirror to giratina? He would have been immune to mewtwo’s attacks!

Progamer469 says:

Brothers or gay?

electronicGaming says:

it’s pronounced chair-u-tee-na not ger-a-katana !!!

Mr Flippers says:

Eviolite reduces damage before applying weakness and resistance, so it would be 50-20=30 30×2=60 damage not 80

Lisa Torkhan says:

I’m eight I’m a boy this is my moms

early bird says:


JaMeSbOnD007 says:

i like this video

Elio Sfeila says:

Hi just a question how do you cover your pkemon cards with these … Well covers..?

baseball47553 says:

hey can i ask you question? what is the name that paper that put the cards on the paper so i don’t know what a name is the pokemon paper

Hannah Awesome says:

awesome sound acommist you are the best

Jesus De Leon says:

Pickachu ex i chose you

:LPS: cookie crunch says:

nice i got 1,237 pokemon cards

Friend Lucas says:

We’re do you get the bench

Dawn Kruger says:

Pikachu I choose you

Erika Medina says:

I have black kyrum and he has 130 helth and does 52,000 damage

NyghtShyft says:

Dude this is so cool!!!:)
love how yall have different views
Awesome video
probably gonna subscribe

Rajy Gamer says:

I sub

Krusher 76 says:

its!! not giratana its giratina!!!!!!!

Puckarus Pocko says:

My mewtwo EX is safe and secure in my new custom deck

Daniel Victoria says:

Tepig can’t evolve into emboar you need pignight

Grumpy Cat says:


Addison Cottar says:

your battling. skills suck you can only attach the type of. energy. that the Pokemon. is

rosy zuniga says:

My giratina has 1300

Lisa Torkhan says:

You guys are so I just can’t say it on words you lighten my day

Jake Giganti says:

My deck is boss 2 white kyurem EX 2 black kyurem EX 4 rayquaza EX 2 zekrom and 2 reshiram EX along with a bountiful amount of energy but not very many trainers as I don’t like trainer heavy decks

Superno Shadow says:

They are cheating

Stacey JS says:


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