Pokemon Trading Card Game! HobbyDad vs HobbyGuy with Fire and Electric Decks HobbyKidsTV

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Shelley Jarrell says:


misskhloe_12345 lyle says:


Master Player2009 says:

You can not evolve you Pokemon on your first true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sani Titi says:

You YouTube stinks just kidding you YouTube is super duper cool make more make more Pokemon trading card bills also make some new Pokemon card Sun and Moon

Luis Velasquez says:

Can you drop those cards off at 9:30

Dragon Master says:

I thought that you cannot evolve on your first turn

Carter Smith says:

Battle me hobby giy

Jake Alaniz says:

Hobby dad I have mega metagross

Mina Bekoe says:

i love charizard

Srikar Gandham says:

Make more Pokémon card battles like this

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan says:

Hubbydad wins no hubby guy

Christy Nguyen says:

Hobby pig did a piece of Orange justice

Myles Lewer says:

I love your vids

Luis Velasquez says:

All the cards from you guys can I please have because I really want them I don’t have that much and please can you drop them off

Luis Velasquez says:

All the cartoon you guys can have please

Angel Clark says:

where did you get the mat

Bryan Bresnahan says:

why is metogross ex is shiny

anthony polhuis says:

don’t bend the cards

Arturo Robles says:

I literally have the same electric/fire deck!!!!! It’s a theme deck!

Scaryman666 Xbox says:

Learn how to actually play

Albert Tran says:

I have metagross gx deck

LeeBear33 says:

Hobby guy

Snipers Dude says:

Hobby kid is kind of annoying

Richarlysontube Ricardo Santana says:


Everett Russell says:

Can I get one of your butterferee

Isabel Alvarez says:

hi guys i like this vid plz do more pokemon trading card battles

LeeBear33 says:

What are mullets

it's JackandSimone says:

Sorry but they don’t know how to play this game

Senpai Ninj says:

no ones that lucky. I feel like every time hobby pig was messing with hobby guys deck he was putting the energy’s on top for him.

samantha king says:


voltyzonewolf roblox,minecraft and more!! says:

i have a mega beedrill ex card

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