Pokemon Trading Card Game Match: JWittz vs. National Champion Part 1

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Todays video is a fully recorded match played between me and the 2010 National Champion, Con Le! We played these games for fun in our free time the day before school, and they really helped me make the last-minute changes that I needed to do well at the main event the next two days! Special thanks to Con for the games, and I hope you enjoy them!

I know I’m still new to recorded matches, but you’ve asked for them forever, and I wanted to deliver. If you like how this one turned out, let me know, and I’ll have more on the way!

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Benjamin Kuzminski-Parry says:

which were you

jayblade2000 says:

Hey, I’m new to this game, and I was wondering if there is a good combo between a water type/dragon type deck. I think I might play it, after I had bad luck at Vanguard tournies. I might make a competitve deck if find someone who plays it (shouldn’t be too hard)

ivar mani says:

i battled my sister with the brilliant thunder deck she used  hammer in deck i won 

Dylan Crawford says:

your game here has really inspired me to play and learn the pokemon trading card game 🙂

Westbrook Fan McCollum Fanatic says:

did u get manaphy back

Mamacrow Helps says:

i wish the meta went back to this. fuck the pokemon company and there EX, did you know the only reason they do that is because kids like to see big numbers!? fuck that! its a TCG, balance should be important! :c I hate going all EX decks, thats why a play a nightmarch deck, ill be honest i sometimes use EX cards but can you blame me? its this shitty ass meta that forces me too :c

Ricky Canada says:

ex pokemon should not have abilities that prevent the use of item/supporters/ or effects

Mental Geek13 says:

Ok I thought you were the champion of the Pokémon Tcg last year not Con Le.

shintofate says:

Video starts at 1:10

Creamy Yap says:

You say lost zone what is the lost zone

Jeremiah Peterson says:

Get more Pokémon

Foster Williams says:

Starcraft 2 music whyyy

omegagamer clarence says:

thejwittz which side are left or right and where is the national champion

Pixelated Gaming says:

I got 6 mega evolutions so it’s going to be easy when I play the tcg

Guy Man says:

what are those sheets that they are playing on called??

pokemon king says:

J Witz I would like to battle you some day

Micy Lemon says:

im from the uk do you know where i can find pokemon cards that aren’t original but they also aren’t ex or xy?

Nicolaas tenBroek says:

I am a new Pokemon TCG player. Can you really use old energies? 

Tohorima Karim says:


peter johnson says:

Where did they get the cool matts ???????

Vexxeer232 says:

What’s the music throughout the video? If you say Darude- Sandstorm I’m gonna mark your whole account as spam

Max Morris says:

are you kermit the frog’s voice

amr el-faramawy says:

What’s proxy

CactuarLOL says:

EX Pokemon ruined this game, having to evolve pokemon was so cool .

Jonathan Burton says:

I never Got into Pokemon TCG. I only play MTG and Yugioh.

Scary Gengar says:

I have a grass deck

Josh Adams says:

Cleffa sounds like a less iffy Time Wizard.

Murch's Pokemon says:

What is “The Lost Zone”? I have an Absol from the Prime Series who’s special ability mentions something about the lost zone.

Kevin Rivera says:

What is the music that is playing in the background? 

Dalton Durham says:

I Love Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Formella says:

what does it take to find a battle with just first gen cards??

Jaiden Hackett says:

I made a fire and water with a who one psychic ex

Super Astonished says:

Your sleeves are adorable!

Sour Lemon says:

jeez, the pokemon tcg looks hard to play! 0.0

RW_Elite says:

how do i get cheap pokemon cards?

Mahammad Talibov says:

Im soo sad my mom riped my pokemon cards man fuckk!

theshark88 says:


Benjamin Kuzminski-Parry says:

which were you

steve ahmed says:

How you go from magnimite to megnezone

GivenSpade says:

I really like your sleeves!

ala aldin Darghouth says:
Don Diva says:

Don’t like the cases so for that reason I Dislike this vid

rally mad says:

you berly got a go and you berly got any cards

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