Pokemon Trading Card Game Match: Rantoul, IL Battle Road Game 1

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Welcome to another recorded match! Today’s games feature 2 more interesting and less-played options: Cinccino/Kingdra vs. Feraligatr/Blastoise! Enjoy!

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Tat2Mytoes - says:

It has battles on it.
My mom!!

Antoine Messaoudene says:
TheProGamers says:

this is boring

JeffRB says:

I wanted to tcg online but i only have a android version asus zenpad and everything they have for download is apple stuff anyway you can get them to change or know of a way to play on it

MAN2039 Khan says:

this is sooooo confusing

Buslit GT says:

cool not ha ha

shadow king says:


Vada Valor says:

i remember that i collected pokemon cards and didnt know how to play xD

jim Lopez says:

is cool I’m I right
or am I right

jayden sosa says:

I love pokemon

captain rex second channel nikki husband says:

Cool beans

Rigoberto Duran says:

where do you live? Because i have pokemon cards too, and i want to trade with you guys and do a battle when we’re are done trading.

freddywarrior says:

awesome cards

Alfred Davis says:

what no sleeves boo

Master TV says:


Redark 1 says:


Edelweiss Manuales says:

your cool bro i have all card mega charziradddd

Golder 9 says:


King James says:


Sean Hill says:

dope!!! i got 23,000 pokemon cards!!

Percy Shaw says:

This looks like fun to me, when they start an old fart league I will sign up!

Dvs_kidd05 Dvs_kidd05 says:

i really like watching pokemon card battles

Fyness Mason says:

not cool. battle NOW

karen brunton says:

go play

Greg Center says:

Great battle dude

Hero Gaming says:


Broncos4life721 Sports Gaming says:

That guy is moving his hands way too much.. Just relax man ha

Nick Baudean says:

Are you kidding me – I was completely sooo Bored 5 Mins into this video watching this guy shuffle his deck like he has OCD!!!

Laura Hockenberry says:

Would a entei zekrom and regirock be a good combo

Haidyn Dodson says:

this is nerdy as shit

Cookie Gaming says:


Megalodon buster says:

Damn i have way more than him i got almost 40,000
Pokemon and 400 ex,s

ghost boy says:


nasim sarder says:

guys idk if this is a amazing card but is a MAggronEx Full art reallygood if so how much would it go for its condition scale 1-10 I rate 9

Weapons Supremacy says:

Please add me https://www.facebook.com/weaponssupremacy for share strategies and secrets of the card games 🙂 Thanks!

Valentin Goncalves Pinto says:


shadow king says:


HP Lovecraft says:

Its so annoying seeing them try to move their hands like real poker players. YOURE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY!

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