Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Let’s Play – Part 1

Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!

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Here we are with the Pokemon trading Card Game Online! I started playing this game while it was still in it’s beta phases. Almost needless to say, I was a complete noob when I first started playing. But look how far we have come now! I couldn’t have made it this far without your guy’s support! Thank you so much!

Many people ask where I get all my virtual cards from; I buy code cards on eBay for a pretty cheap price.

Many people also ask what I use to record; I use “Fraps” to record my Pokemon Trading Card Game game play.

With that, sit back, enjoy, and Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!


Hamidah Samad says:


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John Paul says:

looks good!

MobyBoy 07 says:

Meee too

Tyler Baker says:


Xxrandom gamerXx says:

ive got that game ive got zapdos and mew and mewtwo

Desiree Wiah says:

your game look cool

ffaorlandu says:

cool game

Charlie Im says:

please send me the name and it was awesome

sierra pleas says:

good i nice
Pokemon trading card game

Angela Fosco says:

how do you get into the game

BLS Bike Life Studios says:

And thus, a legend was porn

Alex says:

you suck


Dude you helped out so much when I got this game I was so confused


what is this game

Clorox Bleach says:

Pokémon are for idiots


Name game ?

royce loves to smoke carrots says:

what is the website

Vegito9000 says:

My names tyler too

Tammy Smith says:

terrible auidio

Mekhia Foster says:

what if u have no energy cards in your hand?

Pokemon Now says:

Omg 4 years old…

Sadie Huang says:

What’s this game called?

Fiona Pyle says:


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