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Hey guys, here’s a match using the Enchanted Echo theme deck online! I recorded for around an hour and had some unfortunate things happen so sadly only 1 match in this video.

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teeonezee says:

how do i play this game?

Liam 247 says:

more please!

date me says:



Hated Eli says:


Riitje says:

I like to see you play more. It’s interesting to see actualy. If anything I might even be able to duel you. I have pretty basic decks so no need to worry.

Nikolaus Domke says:

whats the name of the website its on

Micaelangel07 says:

There are so many pokemon cards out there! How do I determine which booster packs to buy?

Paulitics says:

Should’ve used soothing sent and hoped to keep them asleep for a while…

yee says:


Kojak says:

please to more

SoldierRiko says:

pls mooore

Carson Bishop says:

fake channle

Pika power says:

can you please reply this but how do you download that on any android device

LightElementa says:

Went to check this out after watching this video…now i’m practically addicted lol. Can’t wait for more Crud-dy videos!

Sommanker says:

No Outro? 😮

Nicolas Cage says:

Play HearthStone!

Connor Crushes Games 16 says:


CatThingy says:


Kenneth Harris says:

Been a while since I played. Didn’t know that you gain your own prize cards. Always thought you got your opponents. haha Also I didn’t know about the no bench pokemon when your active dies that you lose.

ReSubrose says:

Prior to watching this video, Scykoh, I had absolutely no idea how to play the TCG Pokemanz. But I feel like I got a pretty good grasp on the basics.
But now my curiosity is piqued.. Or rather pikaCHU’d.

Lucy Smith says:

Subb Pokemon Camboo He Does Cool Gameplays And Needs Subscribers <3 <3

Grace48356 says:

Thank you

Andoryuu says:

Should have put him to sleep.

Aliza Halm says:

Next time, WIN!

Steven Lim says:

Hiiiiiiiiiiii scykoh I like Pokemon trading card game

Landon the Lonely says:

Keep doing this

MusicLovin says:

Scykoh i added you please say yes

Purplemen101 says:

Do more! Just… don’t fail. :3

Silvia Hinojosa says:


Martin Bastholm says:

Love’d it! Do more plz

MeggyMeow says:

You have so many code cards that you could probably make a legit deck that’re a lot more fun to play than just theme decks

lionel bravo says:

you should do more please

The Hypnagogic Jerk says:

I played the old gameboy game, but I’ve never actually learned how to play with the real cards. That and the rules are probably drastically changed since way back then.

Killerking GAMING says:

used to play this

Michael LvL100 says:

hey! nice video man, stop by my channel and check me out!

RicHarD says:

Scykoh! add me! Argison 😛 

Evan Marsh says:

I think you can let me check

The Crafting Kid says:

If I would put the exact code you put in, would I get the deck as well or will it be a one time thing?

Daku says:

I made a kyurem deck and the Exes in the deck were: Rayquaza EX promo kyurem ex Black kyurem promoex white kyurem ex

David Cardoso says:

Did you play in the cu computer and did you like the game

Grace48356 says:

Boo yah

Anthony Tran says:

This seems more fun especially with your casual narration style

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