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Hello Pokemon Fans! Welcome to the stream! We are opening TONS of PTCGO packs and doing battles with fans! Glad to have you here for the fun!

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Carlos Nunez says:

#K is Fastbro

J Gallo says:

Erika costell

vaid lucario says:

26:20 is so funny

James Shimada says:

N this message is for u

I use a hawlucha in my playthrough of ultra sun and ultra moon
Also I use a slowpoke
But I do have a zorua
And on sun I have 2 greninjas and a slowblow

Astra squad says:

i ment to send 300$
XD like this comment for that donation

Martha Crow says:

jay the key

Geminaboy says:

Hi my name is Nathan and I have not a lot but a lot of pokemon cards. I have been watching your videos to the past week I think u gises are grat .and how is prefers n doing

James Shimada says:

Name ur favourite pokémon mine is porygon-z

Omar zelaya says:


seamusg05 says:

Who actually watched the whole video?

ACO 2 says:

Primal fish

Orcanos -Level Five says:


Wishiwashi TCG says:

27:16 when you realize you’re watching two grown men pray to an online card game

HungSowlow85 says:


Joshua Gibson says:

BLESS THE PRIMAL FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orcanos -Level Five says:


Jazmin Roman says:

Where not weathe

Azmina Anil says:

I want zapdos box

TitanKingOkenuth says:

Hey why are you guys moving?

Orcanos -Level Five says:


Duong Hoang says:

Mine too

Cesar Canizales says:

guys who flippin cares about flippin ads and its a live stream if you didnt notice so if its to much than leave because soon there prob not going to be videos any more so… STOP COMPLANING ABOUT YOUTUBE!!!!!!

Fairlessgamer Hirst says:


Nikos Sara says:

# love the scrub

Cesar Canizales says:

just to calm me down #Haluchaerect

Stephanie Miller says:

nnnnnnoooooooooo n ripped him

James Shimada says:

Also can Porygon-Z join the sparkle army

Stephanie Miller says:

is Pikachu sparkle army

Jase Hilgers says:

I live in wisconsin

Evan Bro says:


unlisted steel says:

look at how many likes it has

Flyerbat roblox and more says:


Aaron Wilder says:

You suck

KZZ B says:

Professor k is a a wanabyproffeser

DragonSlayre107 says:

Why does everyone love primal kyogre but not groudon

Kelli Wynkoop says:

you should get on now

Rebecca Schroeder says:

I have a beware gx in trading card game

funnygirl 115 says:

why do they argue sooo much

Carlos Nunez says:

#N is a Slowbro

Azmina Anil says:

I want primal fish

Lugia Likes pokemon says:

Seriously? Dragonite gx?

James Shimada says:

O hail primal fish

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