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silvercloudsone says:

What if it’s the one you don’t open that has very rare cards?

dragon blue says:

I got 1.0000.0000.0000 pokemon cards

Lucky Magikarp says:

Anyone have the solid Lugia coin?

uni says:

Been trying to keep quiet about this but the memesy cuts in your videos are way too long. It takes away from the video.

Roberto Hida algo says:

3 at the back?

Lavaknight3600 says:


Ethan Collinson-Smith says:

I’m a fricklet

SVIZZ says:

where do you get this deck?

Julian Soto says:

that pokemon coin that said 25 was an actual currency known as the nieu coin

Onebad Tj says:

I’ve been waiting eons for this….

I am so alone

Yareli Santana says:

plis get my the pikachu gift box

Alex says:

The Tempest gift box is not the same! It comes with a base set, jungle and fossil booster packs not the rocket, base set 2 and gym heroes packs!

Eric Greenwood says:

Do a video showcasing the “Chadtronic Collection”

Vito Vascassenno says:

too bad you didn’t get brock’s spearow in the heroes pack

Lala Hickson says:


Stan1023 says:

My brother had given me that pickachu coin, didn’t realize it came from this

UltraBlazingRed says:

Do you have 1million duplicate boxes just filled with Brock and spearow figures

andi guevara says:

You wanna make decks?.

With these cards?.

Youre gonna get rekt none of those card can keep up with newer cards.

Justin Is cool says:

What your poster bag just move by it self

TheWildJoey says:


MemeStar7 says:

You should do a face revel

Lozlauren2004 117 says:

Can anyone tell me why chadtropics shop isn’t working and it say it unavailable

Abelardo Doria says:

did anyone hear “try a red bull” at 4:40 ?


7:28 Paper bent. Triggered!!

Jackie Abbott says:

Number 25 in the pokedex

Allen Stalnaker says:

Pikachus # is 25

the Dashwarrior321 says:

Lmao this is my favorite digimon channel

Tobi Uhica says:

Chad 25 is pika just number

nathan Mendoza says:

Did any one here some one say try a redbull?

The Pokémon Asylum says:

Next week should be steam siege week cause we’ll we know chad loves steam siege

Pikachu OS says:

Try to obtain a windows 95 or windows 98 ISO file from the internet and use it to create a virtual machine in virtual box or VMware. Once you are in the virtual machine, insert Pokemon play into your disk drive and then access and play the game in the virtual machine. Do note that the virtual machine will be slower and a bit laggier but hopefully it should be fine.

Let me know if this method works 🙂

Greatgamernic Twmrc says:

Pikachu is the 25 Pokémon in the pokedex

Lala Hickson says:

Well that was a five minute intro

ItsLucas says:

ItsLucas here, do you know who’s the best person in the world?
Read the first word

ALinkInHyrule says:

Can you show us all of your sealed Pokémon stuff?

pokepope21 says:

25 is pikachus pokedex number

Tyro Trainer Char Lizard says:

#25 is pikacu’s pokedex entry

Mateo Salinas says:

I’m going to get this for Christmas

Kboogie says:

I need links to buy those!!

Sarah M says:

Those card packs represent the frustration of my childhood.

WhiteWolf888 says:

I really want to play pokemon now!!!!

Tobi Uhica says:

Why is char Izard so short I thought he could be 20′ 8″

Collin Lueb says:

Even back in the day they released another box that had a non first edition machamp

John Buckley says:

watch undertale sans song

Jennifer V says:

it’s pikachu pokezdeck number

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