Quagsire / Naganadel – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay


Andrew Mahone plays his own crazy Quagsire / Naganadel deck in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Think this deck has what it takes to be legit in the current metagame? Watch and find out!

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##Pokémon – 20

* 1 Ditto {*} LOT 154
* 1 Eevee SUM 101
* 1 Blitzle LOT 81
* 1 Zebstrika LOT 82
* 3 Poipole FLI 55
* 1 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60
* 3 Naganadel LOT 108
* 2 Palkia-GX FLI 20
* 1 Shining Volcanion SLG 27
* 1 Volcanion {*} FLI 31
* 2 Wooper DRM 25
* 1 Glaceon-GX UPR 39
* 2 Quagsire DRM 26

##Trainer Cards – 28

* 4 Lillie SUM 147
* 4 Cynthia UPR 119
* 4 Guzma BUS 115
* 3 Brooklet Hill GRI 120
* 4 Ultra Ball SLG 68
* 2 Mysterious Treasure FLI 113
* 3 Choice Band GRI 121
* 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
* 3 Great Ball SLG 60

##Energy – 12

* 12 Water Energy 3

Total Cards – 60


Logan Endsley says:

People are seriously sleeping on Turbo Lightning Zeraora man. MAHONE i wanna see you play that deck man!

Matteo Rizzato says:

If only I managed to have garbodor that turn…they were all in the discard pile and I had no psychic energy in my hand and no supporter to draw…so I got zoroark from my discard pile…anyway GG. I was very surprised to find you 🙂

Jonathan Grayson says:


Eric Lozada Garcia says:

Dude love the cut cenes! Lol
– for real- you had me laughing out loud

mp29940 says:

Bad list homie

Ethan Kibbey says:

I’m actually surprised you don’t have your Versus Ladder completed. I have 3590 points in this ladder

Austin says:


Ultra Ball away Water and Quagsire, grab Naganadel. Evolve Ditto Prism into Naganadel, attach from hand, retreat. Evolve other Poipole into Naganadel.

Send in Glaceon GX, Charging Up twice, Wash Out both energy, Frost Bullet.

Arthur Rosa says:

I find beast to be better than aqua patches on this deck.

Snorlax 5 Pokémon says:


SlowpokeDude says:

I reccommend running the new White Kyurem card we just got from Lost Thunder! Few fires teched and I’ve used the GFW Unit Energy from Ultra Prism. Great deck and it sets up pretty quick with timer balls and such. My current energy ratio for now is 6 water, 3 fire, and 3 unit energy. Try it out sometime!

Alex McCorkindale says:

The comeback in the last game was actually quite insane

Mako-Chan says:

Quaganadel? Nagsire?

Adam says:

I tried this an quite liked it on ptcgo, not sure it is a great deck but it’s fun. Managed to 1 hit knock out a gardy with quagsire in one game!

Prestige Pokemon says:

This deck is pretty sweet

Ike Stoddard says:

I really like the deck. How is it in the long run for consistency?

cpt leeadama says:

Pleased you did this deck! Working on a non GX QuagNag deck, which works but its always terrifying when I put all my energy on a 120hp Quagsire!

Matt Gregg says:

Hope you get that FA Acerola. Suicune is really good with Quagsire

TheHero 2550 says:

5:50 attach energy to ditto and retreat. Ultra ball away energy and quag for naganadel. Evolve poipole and ditto. Double charge up. Washout to glaceonn. Begin carnage

Jamesta James says:

Just letting you know two things (I think you sort of figured one out)- Solgaleo discards after doing damage, Blacephalon discards and then does damage. But the main thing is if you advertise on Youtube that you’re on Twitch, you could potentially get a strike on youtube. I’ve seen it happen. People change their titles and say “Come watch” or something short like that. Because three strikes and you’re out, and I’d miss watching all the content you put on youtube.

Max Nilsson says:

I’ll make sure to tune in next time you’re live on twitch 🙂

Nate Headon says:

This deck looks so fun

Nathaniel Jones says:

it good

envyDISpinoy says:

@ 17:10 you could have benched volcanion prism used its ability to get zoroark to bench, then guzma it back out along with volcanion, then sprint your hand away for another energy, attach, charge up x2, wash out the energy to the volcanion and knocked out the zoroark along with spreading

Christian Sigl says:

u could have xd

Poke Duel says:

Hi Andrew, just started my own channel , first upload is a Magcargo-GX deck based from Japan tourna. Did a few twerks and polish . hope you check it out. Haven’t seen a decent Magcargo-GX meta deck, been polishing this deck for 2 weeks straight hope it works out for you as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUWe7iBmcmI

carrotfoot says:

Been using this engine with White Kyurem. Been working well for me for the most part.

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