Rayquaza GX / Lugia / Vikavolt – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Rayquaza GX / Lugia / Vikavolt in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. Think Shining Lugia is a good inclusion in this popular meta deck? Watch and find out!

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Pop Palanquin says:


Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone love this deck. It’s my favourite deck of the current standard format. At this time you are in Philadelphia regionals I think. So best of luck.

Manuel Aguirre says:

I saw you at the Philly regionals ☺

Mega Serperior says:

Hey Andrew if you could do a video on zoroark garb I would love it also love the videos and keep up the great work

Mahone's Tricky Gym says:

This is my regionals list right now -1 Lillie +1 Stevens !

DJones1048 says:

LOL your first opponents coin looks hilarious!

Patrick Hand says:

I played against a version of this deck that played sky pillar. It actually worked out decently well keep bench damage off their Pokémon.

Goompro Gameplay says:

Is Mega Rayquaza (emerald break) viable?

Anna W says:

just curious why do u play on the LESSER HD graphics??

LU SLZR says:

Yo can we see Alatria Gx?

Deuce Loosely ptcg says:

Yo real cool to see you today at the Philadelphia regionals!!!!! Thanks for stopping for a min!

rollingbird3 says:

Deck profile?

Joseph Collingwood says:

But IThink this is the most busted deck when it works! Play more stadiums to counter shrine?

Adam Aaron says:

Love the videos, wish there was a decklist at the beginning!

Brett Fett says:

Feel like this deck needs a way to counter stadiums. Also Ho-Oh please! Would love to see what version of the deck you make this format

pin head says:

Could you play Scizor gx

Best0fbart 15 says:

Since expanded is less hateable now, will you cover the expanded format more?

Richard Jobstmann says:

think shining lugia is a very good idea 😀

Logan Endsley says:

Waddup Andrew! Love your work man. I was wondering what your take on Scizor GX would look like so if you get a chance soon I’d love to see a video on that deck. Preciate ya!

Nadav sc says:

when you ultra ball for a grubbin are you grabbin’ grubbins?

Skidz Garcia says:


Trainer Cade says:


Joshua McCollum says:

Hey guys I got old code season 4 code about 6

Cerpin Taxt says:

This is by far, the best PTCGO Channel on YouTube. Keep it up Mahone!

Bradley says:

Why not run Hala for draw support? Tempest is used often enough where it turns into Shuffle Draw 7 regularly.

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