Rayquaza GX / Milotic – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Rayquaza GX / Milotic in this Expanded Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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Xander Homeschool says:

i won a cup a few days a go with rayquaza 3 to 1 lose to best box sad

DracoDarkrai says:

Wait, i know i might be a bit behind, but he said ‘work at full grip games’, what happened to Deriums?

J Pannafino says:

This is nice, you should do a rogue deck of the week to fill the need for people who like playing spicey stuff.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone. Please do night march next

Jacob Michael Bolton says:

Loved seeing Recycle

Euler Machado says:


Alex McCorkindale says:

I don’t normally like Expanded format but these videos have made for a great watch!

Jacob Schlinkert says:

wrong feebas mahone

mp29940 says:

Ray eels seems like it would be awesome. Would love to see a vid

Enzohi says:

Andrew….I see you spent the night in the ‘Klink” at the Akron PD!!! (Hopefully Natalie will bail you out….EVENTUALLY!!!). LOL

Nadav sc says:

he actually did it, the absolute madman!

José Mendoza says:

There’s a feebas in Dragon Majesty with submerge

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Lovely new studio mahone.

Tonya Algarawi says:

When you dropping the vlogg from school today ~Tonya

Sora Paopu says:

we need MILOTIC GX ! wonder why it never got one or even EX

dekarispp says:

All of Virbank is defending you right now lmao #RoastForMahone

Lox4013 says:

Playing Marshadow GX, a psychic energy and a Giratina EX could potentially help a bit with Night March? Doesn’t really take away the option of using Dragon Break for a bajillion damage.

I am just throwing stuff out there lmao

Joshua Trotterchaud says:

That Latios deck was insane!! But Ray is just a little bit more insane haha. It’s busted!

Alex McCorkindale says:

Ace Trainer would make a cool prism star supporter in standard.

Onixgrey says:

Don’t reall play expanded but need to start since it seems like standard dosnt get much love here in the west US. What are the must have cards? Vs seekers, battle compressor and shyamin seem universal. Any other recommendations?

Riley Hulbert says:

No way I’m playing Milotic unless it’s Marshadow Milotic 😉

Anime Club says:

yo mahone, can you go do some budget fun decks that have some decent consistency that would be epic <#

Eric Scott says:

Isn’t there a submerge feebas in dragon majesty?

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