Rayquaza GX / Vikavolt – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Rayquaza GX / Vikavolt in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video!

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volkswagendrvr88 says:

As always a great video, one reason I’ve been even more drawn to the channel lately is because so many people have been complaining about the format and I haven’t heard Mahone complain and he still seems to be having fun your great attitude keeps me coming back.

ChaosGallade says:

I put together a VikaRay deck the other day in TCGO. I didn’t have Shining Lugia, so I had to make do with Celestial Storm Dhelmise.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

My favourite deck vikaray!! Nice mahone.

Claudia De la mora says:

Who wants Pokémon code

TEN TEN says:

Can you do Ray and Ray gx

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Afternoon Andrew

Jonathan Thomas says:

ive been playing vikaray lugia dhelmise deck and its not that bad if you get vika early its pretty much gg

BitsAndGlory says:

Damn, I dropped out in the middle of Forbidden light and I feel like I’m so behind since the rotation haha

J Moylan says:

Do you not find you struggle to get the Pokemon out (Lugia, grubbin and Vikavolt) when playing against shrine? I feel like nest balls would be huge for this match up.

BlazingAura97 says:

Here’s the thing. I like VikaRay, but at the same time… I absolutely DESPISE it.

Pop Palanquin says:

Just got beat by a Vika Ray deck, *barely*

Lukas Penner says:

Happy Thanksgiving

ArtyFarts says:

I don’t really like Ray. I feel like all you have to do is pile energy on and take big K.O.s

Brian Ortega says:

Hi Andrew!! I’ve got some question about the match ups, specially against Mallamar with chimeco and sylveon. It’s an awesome list man! Enjoy your videos a lot and watching you play 🙂

HerNick07 says:

I just got back into pokemon tcg. Your video on vika ray made me build that deck as my first deck. Love the videos. Keep up the work

Wesley Napier says:

Memphis had a lot of lycanroc zoroark. I played the malamar list. Went 1-2-1 before dropping. Saw the writing on the wall lol

JLF1987 says:

The list is covered up by the end cards.

Pokgi-World says:

love ur knowledge for this game very helpful

Alex Edes says:

How’s your new Solgaloe GX testing going? I’d like to see a couple rounds of that.

PapaWill says:

*Declumping is not stacking*

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