Rayquaza’s Back? Rayquaza GX / Naganadel – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays his original Rayquaza GX / Nagnadel list in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. This this deck has what it takes to compete in the Lost Thunder metagame? Watch and find out!

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Apollo3p says:

Start making a new deck
Add enhanced hammers
Now to wait for Andrew….

Nicola Zappulla says:

In these days i’ve played alot with this deck, similar list but more technical (i play 4 energy switch and 1 multi switch).
The deck run very well, is consistent and fast, but have autoloss against Malamar Giratina and all Spread decks. This is the real problem of this deck.

Jcacoob Whittaboy says:

Hey! I just got a really sick idea for a donk deck, and I’d like if you considered maybe a tabletop vid.

It uses Unown HAND to donk your opponent. Key parts are:
Broken Time-space. It’s broken and is needed later.
Shuckle Promo from HGSS. Draws every time you attach energy to it.
Blastoise. Take your pick of Rain Dance.
Espeon. A really old one, you can return as many energy as you like from your Pokémon to your hand. Loops drawing.
Uxie and Azelf. Just some consistency engine. And, of course,
Unown HAND. I’m not totally sure on this, but after setup, you can just draw through your entire deck in 1 turn, and, hopefully, pull off a donk, goven you don’t drop more than 14 cards, which gets mitigated fairly quickly by Shuckle.

I have a list made right now, but I haven’t tested it and you’d probably make a better one anyway.

Aaron Borton says:

I was waiting for someone to give this a shot

NDogg15 says:

I love how you reacted to that Sceptile-GX because it shows that you pay no attention to your opponent’s card searched whatever when you’re busy talking. :p

Julio Rodriguez says:


Matt Gregg says:

I think Naganadel would probably be more consistent with Koko GX, Zeraora and lightning energies.

beanbot12 says:

Hmm. Naga-ray just seems like a less consistent list of naga-blace

Nova1080 says:

I was just thinking last night if there was something we could do with Rayquaza and here you are doing it

DoubleEdgeCat says:

Cool deck. Lots of techs, but you said it was a first run.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I love the idea of this deck. Busted new rayquaza deck. Nice invention mahone. Name it Mahone’s Ray

Jaromir Bracki says:

“I play like 3 Rescue stretchers in this deck”
*sees one already discarded*
*puts other two into discard pile*

panupong homsapaya says:

its pretty busted i like it but maybe tech in a tapu koko in there shall help you in mid games

Ike Stoddard says:

I’m sorry: where did you put the decklist?

Jamesta James says:

And also- just something to consider.. I run a one-of Devoured Field to boost the 10 damage for stuff like Buzzwole and Ultra Necrozma; but also for Prism Stadium Counter. You’ll definitely need one by the time Black Market rolls around.

NDogg15 says:

That double energy switch is the biggest example of “never punished” yet.

Elan Gorham Siegler says:

This deck needs a 1-1 quagsire line

Nolan Ingersoll says:

How come you don’t post in the mornings anymore? Throwing my schedule off man.

Dem0nicrelic says:

1st maybe RAYQUAZA HYPE!!

1LE Azul says:

Sightseer makes too much sense to not play in this deck even with zebstrika

V5Gloomy says:

Is there a deck list that revolves around Zeraora yet

JustRightGaming says:

Would love to see the Granbull matchup

Timmy Gustafsson says:


DeckOutDad says:

-.- DDG came out with this last night… I built the deck 2 days ago lol. I really need to get in on the YouTube game.

Jamesta James says:

I know Rayquaza can eventually one shot Buzzwole, but Naganadel with Choice Band always one shots Buzzwole without meeting the 160 requirement. So Wishful Baton and Zeraora could be cut for them?

Hynotama says:

You know… as beautiful as these cards are, the rest of this game looks like it was made in paint. Also I really wish this had a single player variant.

mp29940 says:

What kind of list is this? Girafarig?

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