Regional Championships Finalist – Necrozma GX / Malamar – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Rukan Shao’s Oaks, PA Regional Championships finalist Necrozma GX / Malamar deck in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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C. W. says:

do you only play standard format or do you ever play extended?

Void In A Suit says:

Build weavile deck pls

ArtyFarts says:

8:33 why not just use black ray GX?

republic.right says:

One thing I hate about this game is how there isn’t much chance for comebacks

Magical_Fedora says:

Nice vid man. I enjoy your in-depth play by play analysis type playthroughs. You should make a “thus far” tier list video, id be very interested in your opinion.

Doge Biscuit says:

Maybe ray used devoured as a shrine counter

Nadav sc says:

dont know if you noticed it but necrozmas ability also makes it immune to shining lugia

Michael Nicolaou says:


LU SLZR says:

Love that feeling wen Zoroark gets smacked in the face hard enough to get knocked the f**k out!

pkdirt98 says:

I ordered my girlfriend this deck. I guess I’m gonna have to get used to getting my ass kicked haha

quteboy100 says:

Why don’t he give us the deck list first, a mean just a overview then start the chaos on his opponent lol.. anyway good vid bro..

Ronsky says:

Your logo always cuts off then top right card

Frankie Langford says:

I really like your videos. You do talk a lot I would prefer a lot less going through every play that you can do. But overall you make way less mistakes than most the other youtubers. I like that over everything else. Keep it up

Riley Hulbert says:


Cybno says:

Honestly loving how your videos are right now. This Post Rotation content feels so fresh, don’t go back to the old thumbnails please lol

pacsmile says:

What’s the last card after the non gx marshadow?, you should consider reducing your camera frame a bit, it’s always on top of that card.

Thomas196789 says:

Card list for this deck would be awesome!

Jorge Perez says:

Hey Mahome. Keep up the good work. You can determine who’s going first after the coin flip by looking at the player portrait. It has a star trail around it when it is that player’s turn.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone this deck is cool and unique. I love the idea of this deck.

Justin Hitchcock says:

Great games. It was nice to see this thing go against 3 different decks and win. There were a bunch of awesome plays on your part.

CrazyDevz says:

decklist please

0Homefri0 says:

In the last game, your opponent did have a win condition if they benched a rockruff on their last turn and chose not to attack, saving bloodthirsty eyes and kukui on your lele for game the next turn. Anyways, great showcase of an awesome deck!

Kyle Thompson says:

devoured field works as a shrine counter, and to KO baby buzzwole with only 4 energy in play, which happens fairly often.

Christopher Duff says:

if you don’t like alter of the moon how do you counter Shrine

William Franklyn says:

Best deck in format?

GrimyBunyip says:


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